Bekasiak Update

Ticat draftee J.P. Bekasiak is one of thirty tryout players participating in the New York Jets' mini-camp from May 12th to May 14th. There are also fourteen signed rookie free agents, the team's draft choices, and some of the Jets' roster players at the mini-camp.

Are his chances of sticking with the Jets good, TCTD? Are they already deep at the position he is trying out for?

And if he doesn’t make it in New York, will he then probably be signed by Hamilton? Or will he troll for another NFL job?

We should know soon. The Jets are an interesting choice. They play a 3-4, and have 10 d-lineman already on the roster. I'd say it looks like a longshot but surprises happen in the NFL all the time. My bet is he'll be signed before the season Hamilton.

According to the New York Jets’ website, the Jets signed five tryout players and released four of their undrafted free agents today. J.P. Bekasiak was not one of the tryout players signed by the Jets today.

Thanks for the update. I predict Desjardins will have Bekesiak signed by Friday.

The New York Jets have announced the signing of five players who participated in rookie minicamp as tryout players and announced the release of four players. The announcements were made by Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum.

The five players signed were DB James Ihedigbo, CB Rayshaun Kizer, LB Jared Newberry, WR Jesse Pellot-Rosa and WR Renard Stevens.

The four players released were DB Caleb Hendrix, DE Matt King, WR Dustin Osborn and LB Mark Zalewski.

He wasnt signed or released today so I would assume he is still trying out.

Although the Jets' mini-camp ended yesterday, it is quite possible that some of the tryout players are still working out with the team.

To put these moves in perspective, the four players released today were among the 14 free agents signed by the Jets just after the NFL Draft. Now that five of the tryout players have been signed, it means that 25 of the 30 tryout players, including Bekasiak, remain unsigned.

Here is some interesting news on Bekasiak from an article by Ken Peters titled "Cats Fortify Front Line" in today's edition of The Hamilton Spectator:

"While Reid's signing fills a major hole Desjardins is keeping his fingers crossed it will be a case of double the pleasure if the club can land fellow defensive lineman J.P. Bekasiak for training camp. The 6-foot-6, 305-pound University of Toledo stud, who the Cats selected fourth overall in the 2007 draft, has attended mini-camps with both Minnesota and the New York Jets. But both teams are working out the Windsor lad on the offensive line, a position Bekasiak has the size to play but didn't play in university. That increases the odds that Bekasiak will be at McMaster for the start of Ticat training camp."

Despite Bekasiak's athleticism and size, I don't know how keen NFL teams are in developing players in positions on the opposite side of the ball than they are accustomed to. In the NFL, there are lots of college defensive ends playing linebacker in the pro's for example, but that is a much smaller adjustment. I wish Bekasiak well in securing an NFL shot for his financial well-being, but we could definitely use his talents in black n' gold.

If Bekasiak comes back to the we work him on the O-line as well. We already have Reid on one end and a few young Cdn's on the D-line.

I don't think so. I think the point would be to solidify the line by integrating Gagne-Marcoux into one guard spot, see if he can stick as a starter, and then assess whether Hudson stays at guard or shifts to center. I like the projected tackles (Woodard and Davis), but with other questions re Filice and Cheron in the mix about their status as reserves, we need to figure the interior line out in camp. That means reps. I would rather the O-line coach and Charlie give reps to guys who naturally play that position than to a project -- read Bekasiak since he didn't play O-line in university.

If J.P. is in our camp come the end of the month, he's going to be in the starter's conversation at DT alongside Clinton Wayne. Bet on it.

Oski Wee Wee,

I would have to believe the coaching staff would keep him as a defensive lineman. They have invested heavily in Canadian offensive linemen over the past few drafts, so it's not like they have a need to develop him at a new position.

I like the depth on the line if he does indeed show up for camp. Bekasiak, McKay, Reid, Wayne, Dunbrack ... that is some good Canadian bacon!

  • paul

Bekasiuk is a bigger Mike Philbrick with better wheels, IMO. He is a vacuum against the inside run and will help Wayne et al collapse the pocket.

His potential is as immense as he is. He was no. 1 rated on the pre-draft board for a reason -- and his NFL aspirations/attention did factor somewhat into calculations not to draft him.

With McKay-Loescher, Bekasiuk, Wayne, and Reid in tow, the potential for an all Canadian D-line to start the season would be very real. The ratio-busting implications of this would help the Cats fill other positions on the squad with imports.

Here's wishing J.P. the best of luck in his Jets tryout, but hoping that he'll get to be a fixture in Steeltown for the next ten years. :wink:

Interesting times ahead to be sure!

Oski Wee Wee,

Hey Russ, when was the last time a CFL team had a homebrew dline? I certainly can't remember one myself. The potential is there, and with 3 starters on the oline wouldn't that mean that all other positions could be imports?

Here's the skinny!

This is a ROOKIE Camp! nothing but "rookies"!

The NFL teams can afford to sign up a bunch of louts to play postional scrimmage at these things! They want to know what the REAL prospects look like in a pseudo-game situation; what they've learned since signing, their conditioning, etc.

To believe that you've got a chance at an NFL roster as an un-drafted (or late round draft)player at one of these camps is like a beer-bellied, pick-up league, hockey-hoser dreaming about the day he'll get the call from the Leafs!

They don't even put stickers on the helmets at rookie camp! Why? 'Cuz most (90%) of these guys won't make the team and don't deserve stickers on their lids!

Well for the Leafs situation it might happen. Look at what they did for Tie Domi. :lol:

Who dreams of becoming a Leaf!?..oh ya..Tie "Dummy" :lol:

I say they do another cheatwood or lumsden by releasing him later coming here later this year after clearly deserving better in the NFL!

Where is the lad, is he still working with the Jets? Also where is Ince the lineman from St Marys, I think. :?

Although there is not yet any recent news specifically on J.P. Bekasiak, this excerpt from an article titled "Ihedigbo Counts His Blessings as a Jet" by Eric Allen on the New York Jets' website on May 23/07 suggests that most of the unsigned tryout players from the Jets' mini-camp are gone:

"The New York Jets invited a couple dozen tryout players to their rookie minicamp two weeks ago and most of them departed after a weekend of action. But the club signed five tryout players last Wednesday, including defensive back James Ihedigbo."

Seeing that whoknows has already posted the names of the five tryout players signed by the Jets, perhaps Bekasiak is one of the departed. If so, one hopes that he signs with the Ticats in time to attend their rookie camp on May 29th.