Bekasiak Signs With Alouettes

Drew Edwards' Scratching Post blog, which now seems to have a new format, reports that the Montreal Alouettes signed former Ticat lineman J.P. Bekasiak and added him to their practice roster today:

Figured that Might be where he would go

Marcel Drafted him here ..

Nice kid - not enough emotion or pure agression. My guess is Montreal will turn him into a star.

I`m happy for the guy , he had to change his body style twice now . I hope it all works out for him , i had high hopes for him when we drafted him .

Another wasted pick.

watch him shine in Montreal.

I don't get why he wasn't given a shot to play back on the D-Line This season. Ticats have hardly any NI DE/DT's.

wasted pick.

Great guy with great size but not aggressive enough. He's a 300 pounder that plays like he is 250.

I think Bekasiak will go on to have a long "Mike Philbrick" career with the Alouettes as a run stopping Canadian defensive tackle.

I'm glad he got picked up, and wish him the best of luck.

He did zip here is two years. No big loss.

He didn’t do much here because he never knew where he was going to play.
First showed up as a d-lineman and then tried to be converted to an o-lineman and then tried to be converted back to the d-line.
Not very fair to him and there is no doubt that he will have a good long carreer and will flourish in Montreal as opposed to the uncertainty of a position for him with the Cats. I’m just glad that he still wants to play after the fiasco that went on with the Cats
Good Luck JP

If the Als can light a fire under this guy they'll have a good one. Good luck to him. :thup:

Well he's with a team that knows how to delelop players so if the Als cant do anything with him... he's still younger then Legare... I hear Mike Giffen is improving constantly too.

I remember Bekasiak looking like a monster when he first played, and then they stopped playing him.

Next thing you know it they are trying to convert him into an O-lineman because he "wasn't mean enough to play on the D-Line".

I wish him the best, but after all was said and done, he didn't make the team this year.

If anything, it's nice to see other teams picking up our cuts rather than the other way around. It shows we actually have enough talent to let good players go.


He was switched to O-Line from D-Line because he made no impact on D. Then, on O, he wasn't good enough for us to consider keeping him there. What does that tell you?

My feeling is that he'll do well in Montreal, if only because Mike Sinclair (our D-line coach) has shown he knows how to get the most out of his personnel. And we are definitely looking for a good NI interior lineman, something we haven't had since Philion retired. I doubt Bekasiak will play O-line since we are stacked with quality NI talent there.

Or it could mean that you made the wrong choice cutting the player in question.

I always prefer it when a player cut by my Als doesn't get picked up by another team, because then it's clear that cutting him was the right decision.

Considering that Jerome Haywood, Devon Claybrooks, T.J. Hill, Reggie Hunt, and Mike Imoh are all still unemployed, and the one player whom we released because of injury concerns and who was picked up by another team is currently injured (Dave Stala), I feel good about our personnel decisions.

JP Has talent for sure. He just plays in a kind of lackadaisical way to this point.

He either can't be aggressive enough or just needs better coaching. If your DL coach is good at making guys more aggressive then I think this could be a great signing for you guys.

I believe the phrase used when he was released was 'lack of twitch muscle' or something like that. I'm guessing that while he might be big and strong enough, he isn't fast enough or quick enough.

Well, if he isn’t fast enough or quick enough, he’ll get cut from the Als soon enough. But with no offense intended, two years playing both sides of the line on horrendous Cats teams isn’t really enough evidence write him off.

Sometimes a player needs the right system and the right coach to excel. Maybe JP just didn’t fit into what Marshall was trying to do.

You need confidence to be successful at anything you do and I think that JP might have taken a hit there.

"Twitch muscle" really poor excuse. The guy ruled the combine with 33 lifts or so he was fast, ruled the one on ones, he arrived at his first camp a rock solid 300 pounds and than Taffe started messing with the kid cause he wasn't ready to start in his first year with the Ticats. That was Taffe's fault. Very few rookies out of college should start in the CFL.

I think if the Als are willing to invest a year in JP getting him back on a program and coaching designed FOR HIM and support his effort he can salvage his carreer. Labinjo didn't become a star overnight...