bekasiak next philbrick?

he likes to play in the 0 and 1 gaps and enjoys stuffing the run. i've always said philbrick was one of our most underated and valuable defensive players in our successful late 90 years. that kind of impact def tackle helped free up montford and crew a lot.
jp seems to have that size and along with it a lot of skill, looking forward to see how this plays out this year. edmonton with braidwood and bc with johnson have both had some impact canadian def linemen the last few years, now we got one with a ton of potential. so lucky to get him with the 4th pick

Yes...and I said it first :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

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Bekasiuk is a bigger Mike Philbrick with better wheels, IMO. He is a vacuum against the inside run and will help Wayne et al collapse the pocket.

His potential is as immense as he is. He was no. 1 rated on the pre-draft board for a reason -- and his NFL aspirations/attention did factor somewhat into calculations not to draft him.[/b]

With McKay-Loescher, Bekasiuk, Wayne, and Reid in tow, the potential for an all Canadian D-line to start the season would be very real. The ratio-busting implications of this would help the Cats fill other positions on the squad with imports.

Here's wishing J.P. the best of luck in his Jets tryout, but hoping that he'll get to be a fixture in Steeltown for the next ten years. Wink

Interesting times ahead to be sure!

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I'm not quick with anointing oil, but this guy has a bright future. He has great work habits from all accounts and barring injury, he will be a factor from the get-go.

Oski Wee Wee,

If Bekasiak turns out to be even close to as good as Philbrick, he will be a great addition to the Ticats D; Philbrick, was IMO, one of the best CFL DTs of his time and very under-rated.

Might be the potential for an all Canadian/NI D-line, but ain’t gonna happen; maybe 2 or possibly even 3 NI starters there, but no way they go with 4 starting NIs regardless if 4 of these guys have a great camp - no room for that with current CFL thinkers; Dunbrack wasn’t mentioned either nor draft pick Adam Kania - a big DE who was a 2 time AUS all-star.
Still, should be nice to have lots of NI depth for the D-line; I’ll bet on an import starting at least at one of the DE spots (maybe Joshue pans out as a good rush end); wonder if Reid will get a shot at DE or be looked at for DT? - McKay-Loescher and Reid at DE with a platoon of Wayne, Dunbrack and Bekasiak at DT might make for a pretty good D-line though, but the young guys have a lot to prove.