Being the home team in the Grey Cup game

Reading the article on the front page, I learned teams playing in the Grey Cup become the home team and the visiting team following a coin toss. I always thought the western team was considered the home team when the game was in the west and so when it's the opposite.

Does that mean the Lions could have played the game home and be the visiting team? Or is that procedure skipped when the hosting team makes it to the big game?

Good question, I don’t know. But the Als are the home team and Edmonton gets to use BC’s dressing room?

That'd be funny.. imagine the GM Place loudspeakers telling the crowd to "Make some noise!" for the defense of the team playing against the Lions in that scenario. The response would be priceless.

In 1994 Grey Cup game, the Lions wore their away jerseys while playing at BC Place. Perhaps the historians on line can correct me, but maybe Baltimore was the “Home team” and the Lions were the Visitors.

Just speculating…

What changes from being home or visitor

Home Field Advantage. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if it is the same in CFL, pretty sure it is, but Away team gets to call heads or tails on the coin toss in the NFL. Thats the only difference I can think of.

Cheerleaders??? LOL

If I remember right, the teams bring their chearleaders

When you meet a cheerleader, you do want to be the visitor. Whether she'll host you or not is a different matter, though...

You're right... I was being tongue-n-cheek.......More cheek I think!