Being Reasonable And Calling A Spade A Spade...Or Is It A Li

Where have our glory days gone?? Where has Wally's touch gone?? Where has ANY sense of urgency and pride gone when things and the score starts going sideways in a game?? Let's review:

  1. While Stefan Logan, Tim Brown, Ernest Jackson and Nick Moore all continue to have somewhere between great to fantastic seasons, we received sweet bleep all for letting ALL of these players go. Sorry but Wally HAS lost his touch. In my own personal football conversations with others, I'm the first person to stick up for Wally and remind others "He has a master plan and knows when to keep players and when to let them go." I'll even go as far to say that the Canucks should take note of his methods (Some may recall that the media once asked him if he would manage the Canucks but retorted with the fact he knows very little about the game of hockey and hockey management). Again, all of the players I mentioned and then some must just sleep at night with a smile on their face knowing they got the best of Wally. Why does he insist on not taking or trading for players from other teams. He's a proud man with a stout philosophy, but his methods are growing tiresome and outdated. Why let all of these players go when clearly NONE of them were past their prime and still had LOTS to offer THIS team??

  2. NEWS FLASH! NEWS FLASH! In order to stop the Lions simply stop Andrew Harris. I've been saying that for weeks and now it seems that this is CLEARLY the defensive game plan for all of the defensive coordinators in the league when playing the Lions. I thought Arcenaux was going to be "the man" as well and a go to receiver but other than 1 or 2 "pop gun-Mervyn Fernandez" catches in a game he's NON-EXISTENT. Is this him or can it blamed on George Cortez?? Seems as though they've also noticed Andrew Harris tends the carry the ball like a loaf of bread...AGAIN!! Long time fans will remember that Harris had "fumblitis" years ago and professed that he would start getting two hands around the ball when he sensed contact. Perhaps a reminder needs to be sent to Harris via Tedford...oh wait, I guess that was the "let's sit for a few series punishment". Still though, our teams are truly scouting the little we have to offer on offense and know all of the weaknesses. Speaking of that...

  3. Our offensive line cannot take the pressure of stunts and simple bull rushes. Lulay is running for his life and won't survive the season if this keeps up. Cortez...maybe consider running more of the "run and shoot" West-Coast style offense. It can't hurt and might slow down the pass rush. Just shooting from the hip here...which is where Lulay has had to throw some of his passes from.

  4. Elimimian?? Hurt or not? As I've said before we have Adam Bighill and Mr. Solomon on defense. Do we have a defensive line?? As for the call them Swiss Cheese would be a compliment. Wally better get on the phone and fast as we may have the weakest secondary in the league. As far as can a 120 pound Brandon Banks break at least 4 tackles to run 50-60 yards. Embarrassing! Oh yes, Banks, that reminds me of the Special Team review....

  5. Did anyone notice that Banks spent AT LEAST 60 yards JOGGING, yes JOGGING to the end zone during his punt return touchdown yesterday. What does that say about his respect for the Lions. Rather, what does that say about the respect they have for their own special teams. Of course, we have a great returner or two to that can that kind of damage...namely Stefan Logan and Tim Brown...oh wait...

Someone decided that they can't play for us anymore :frowning:( {snif snif} That doesn't sound like a reasonable decision!

This team is just horrendous in every respect. Attendance is under 21,000. This Lions' forum is pretty empty also.

Went to the game vs Edmonton and shook my head for 95% of the game even though they won. I feel terrible for my bother who is a season's ticket holder.

There's so many things wrong with this organization, I can't begin to list them. Skulsky's gotta go though. What's interesting is that it feels worse than the season we started 0-6. Probably because it's been a steady decline in quality over the last few years.

Well Lions' fans, hang in there if you can.

It was actually a 1-6 start but yea, I get your point. The start to that season, as dismal as it was, had a totally different vibe. They were moving into refurbished BC Place (=buzz), they at least had talent and, although were losing, were not virtually dead last in every statistical category. 3-5 actually flatters us. Once they obtained Arland Bruce and Tad Kornegay and made some scheme adjustments, they were off to the races.

Now? Poor off-season recruiting and a less-than-stellar draft, lack of discipline and accountability, an over-hyped HC that's shown no innovation or in-game adjustments, guys playing out of position (i.e. a 265lb def tackle that should be playing end, and a slow end that should be playing tackle), a QB with sporadic accuracy, a receiving corps with too many "possession" guys, and a front office that doesn't have the first clue about how to market its brand.

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

LeStaf, that is the over-arching theory circulating among hard-core Lions fans: Wally meddles far too much in scheme and personnel decisions, that really should be the domain of his coaches (his reputation among casual fans is unassailable).

You're not wrong about the O-line being the Achilles heal of this franchise for the last 10 years or so. However, I wouldn't place it all on the players. Even when we had Rob Murphy and Jason Jimenez anchoring the tackle positions, and later a perennial all-star in Jovan Olafioye, we still gave up a lot of sacks.

Part of the problem is Wally's outdated West Coast (spread) offense which aggressive defenses like the Als can easily exploit. Under Chapdelaine it featured slow developing crossing patterns with slots like Geroy often being calling in to block! To compound the problem, we had the "Mad Scientist" Dan Dorazio as our O-line coach. His complicated blocking systems just confused the heck out of his players. He's in Saskatchewan now and a group that was functioning fine at the start of the season is now getting torched. Funny, draft picks like C Justin Sorensen and G Andrew Jones were deemed 'not good enough' here in BC, but are now starting in Edmonton.

Many of us would welcome a change at the top.

You raise some interesting points LeStaf about Wally. And like Rhymeswithorange said, the Lions have had problems with QB protection for quite some time. The way I figure it, if the QB isn’t getting the much needed protection then there is no passing game or the QB is forever running for his life while trying to make something out of nothing.

Time and time again my friends are in agreement. Our O-line is dismal. The part that gets me is the Lions let go of Jackson, Moore, Logan and Brown. Brown would sometimes make sensational plays but they were few and far between. Moore and Jackson I liked. Logan could turn a game around. What are these guys doing today in the CFL? Great things! I’ve not seen Brown play better! Moore and Jackson are doing great for their respective teams and I’m sure Logan is happy to be playing where he is playing. The Lions let these guys go and they start playing some of their best football. Figure that one out.

Logan wasnt that great.

Tim brown was.

Rainey is lookin really good.

Always be optimistic.