Being on a CFL practice squad

I assumed this question had already been answered but seemingly not.

Given that CFL PS salaries are only several hundred dollars a week, how do players (especially Americans) deal with it?

Are these guys working regular jobs in the off-season, do the clubs themselves set them up with something, are they living off savings with (let's say) one season to try and "make it" or does it purely depend on the individual player?

The minimum is $750/week plus housing accommodation. Obviously not great, but they aren't paying for a place to stay either.

I had no idea the pay was that low. I would assume the off-season would have to mean other employment for these guys. Good question.

lots of cfl players have second off season jobs or they go to school. this is why so many even just want to make NFL practice rosters.

3 K per month and no rent. Its not a great living but better than many. The no rent is big, especially in the larger centres.

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I would think that many meals are free as well as they eat with the team. Not a terrible living at all. Need to pay for transportation and entertainment only.

lol Nathan Rourke still lives at home in the lower mainland with his parents and his dad drives him to practices (since he can’t drive with his foot still healing).