Being new here, I was wondering...

I was just thinking of this the other day. What if there was a "Bill Gates" type guy, who wanted to build a stadium and put a team in Saskatoon, how much support would it get. The support that the Riders get, (not including the beer chuckers) is amazing. Would it carry over for another team??? Just wondering....

It wouldn't work. Riders fans go to the games from all over Saskatchewan. We couldn't support 2 teams.

The Riders would take a fairly big attendance hit if there was a second team in Sask. I'd say that both teams would drop to the 22k average attendance levels. At that point, a new team in Saskatoon creates 2 seperate weak teams in the league. If Sask continues to dominate in the energy sector and sees some stupid levels of growth, there is some possibility of seeing another team in the future, just not the very near future. Saskatoon and Regina would both need to be 500,000+ before I'd start talking about 2 teams.

Not in our life time, or our children's or grandchildren's.

Four or five franchises would have to come and go from Ottawa first plus any attempt to expand to either Halifax or Moncton or Quebec City or Kitchener/Waterloo will have gone far by the wayside.

there is only one team in Sask i and i'm sure many others would not support another team in that Province Riders rule Saskatchewan only team now and forever!

I live in Stoon and there is no way I could cheer for another team over the Riders

Saskatoon has the Blades. What more could they want....?

Right now the population in Saskatchewan is way to small to support 2 football teams. Maybe if the population increases, but not right now.

hey two teams, cant see it flying but better yet build a new stadium for the riders in saskatoon or my personal favorite davidson accomadate the whole province at the half way point.a north and a south onramp onto the highway with an overpass.