Being Frugal but being wise!

Once again I think you hit the nail on the head, except I don't ever remember Bo running more than about 4 yards and he was like a fish out of water while doing it ha ha.
If he was smart, he would retire now with some dignity. IN his heart, he must know that he's finnished. Like you say, his very limited skill set has been deteriorating for some time already and he can't be counted on. IN the 2017 G.C. game, pretty much told us everything about BLM. When he was asked why he would risk such a throw by throwing it into double coverage, his reply was, "it was the best play, and if I had to do it all over again ....I would!"
He once said, some guys are good in practice. I'm not. I'm terrible in practise. On the other hand, I play well in games.
Well maybe you did once upon a time Bo, but you haven't played a whole game now for about 4 years or even longer!
Plus, this is football not curling. He gets injured on the easiest of plays. Do you really want a guy around who's a regular in the emergency ward? Even Reiley in BC wasn't that bad.
The money that BO commands should also be a huge factor. By paying him all that money (the most in the league) you are now forced to skimp on other parts of your lineup. That's not fair to the rest of the team of the fans either.
I will not renew season tickets until BO is NO MOE. He's young and has a nice family to be proud of, and he's had a steller career, but there comes a time when you have to be honest with yourself and the fans. And that goes for Dave Dickenson as well. He should show better maturity and judgment when it comes to the most important player position on the club.

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I agree with you, also Adam's if you notice makes mostly 1read when he should be making 2 to 3. The offensive line was the reason he looked even better.

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…a couple years ago the stamps were in a close one threatening to score and BLM checked down all his receivers, found none open, checked them down again and eventually got sacked, the whole time the entire backfield had oodles of room to scramble forward, at least for the first down if not more…Glen you probably remember this well…anyways he caught a lot of flak about it from the crowd, the 770 postgame show and the fan960 team the next morning…a few days later on the bo-show one of the commentators pressed him on an explanation…

He said he was always taught, ever since he was a kid, to run the play as designed. The play will work if it’s executed properly at the right time. He was taught that scrambling was the result of a poorly executed play, and the tendency to scramble increases with a QBs opinion of whether a play can be salvaged or not. He saw QBs relying on it and thought it was a mistake. He was taught it was not a viable option. Sort of like blowing your ejector seat every time instead of landing the plane like the plan said.

So he’s never done it. It’s not in his playing DNA. That’s apparently the reason.


Wow....and to think that I missed that. I just remember watching Damon Allen for so many years, even at the age of 40 when he retired, he could make something out of nothing.
I know if I'm a defensive back or defensive corner my job is a whole lot easier when I know and feel quite sure that the QB is not going to run.
He's the only QB that I have ever seen who refuses to run.
One time in a game about 4 years ago, the play broke down, so he had no choice but to be buried, throw the ball away and get called for grounding, or run. So he chose to run. I have to tell you, that it wasn't a pretty sight. It was like a duck with no wings!!!
When he came in here, no one here had ever heard of him as he entered as #2 behind then QB - Drew Tate. Well, soon later it was discovered that Bo had an arm that was pretty accurate and could launch the ball quickly. Neither is true today unfortunately.

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I remember Henry Burris getting a Grey Cup ring and was even worse. If it wasn't for our kicking team, we wouldn't have even made the playoffs that year.
Strangely 2 years later he was traded to Hamilton and played some of the best football of his life! ha ha :slight_smile:

A CFL hobo named Drew Willy was very reluctant to run but occasionally he'd go on a BLM style 4 or 5 yd romp, struggling to get to the boundary!

Burris near the end was scared shippless to run.

AC Calvillo was never a running bandit but in his early years he'd do the 3 to 5 yd Watusi.

Say all you want about that idiotic Darian Durant but he was never cowardly running the ball. Quite often he'd take more licks than you could imagine!

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Most QBs were pretty good about trying to make something out of their situation and most were successful, but as far as Bo and Henry go, they were useless!

Great that you study the stats before sounding off. So few do that.
And I think a lot of the hype a player gets is from the pundits especially Matty, Milt and Sanchez on the TSN half time show. An example is a comment by Milt Steagal that V.A. is the most exciting and perhaps the best QB in the CFL. Milt obviously doesn't study the stats beyond what he wants to glean from them for panel
commentary. In the days when CBC broadcast the CFL they had a statistician (can't remember his name) who supplied the colourman and announcer with the complete package. Now we have the 1/2 time show and it's typical of any old boys club in that the ex players look after the current and wrap fantasy around truth. Maybe TSN insists upon that to justify the money they spend or it's the old boys club at work. Good on you for calling it like it is and going a step further by writing directly to Huff. :+1:

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Thank you Sir. Your comments are felt and go most appreciated! You certainly nailed it with the old boys club comment. You got that 100% right!

100% right. A duck with no wings for sure!