Behind the Stripes

Life as a CFL official.

12 minutes. Check it out.

Y'all should check this out. It was actually quite interesting. I gave it a 5-star.

for all those who don't understand or do not know refereeing in Football, this is an excellent video. I definitely recommend it.

Very enjoyable and a unique view of the game. It adds a human element to this usually thankless job. Thanks for the heads up! :thup:

Great clip. It's great to see adding more content to its site. Were seeing more and more exclusive types of things including these documentaries. Earlier there was the two part documentary about John Surla, showing inside the life of a CFL prospect.

I agree, an eye opener for sure. :thup:

That was really neat looking at it from a totally different perspective. I would like to see more of that in the future.