Behind the Spotlight

Which players, who are not yet popular in the media or "stars", should we be aware of? Excluding players like Milt and Geroy (love 'em), post who you admire for their work ethic, role play, behind-the-scenes contributions, or style.

From my team, I say Cameron Wake and Jamall Johnson. Wake replaced Chris Wilson (Redskins) on our front four; I think he's even better than Wilson! He is ranked up there in sacks, and blocked a punt yesterday against Calgary. Jamall Johnson is my favourite player on the Lions - he's been hanging around on the team for 3 years learning from Carl Kidd (the legend), and now he has his shot to start. He has explosive energy and really helps our defense. His celebrations are priceless - air guitar!
Amariah Farrow must not go unnoticed.

You can call me out on this, but here are my selections from the other teams:
Hamilton - Jo Jo Walker
Toronto - Kenny Wheaton, Frank Murphy
Calgary - Tearrius George
Edmonton - Raleigh Roundtree
Montreal - Diamond Ferri
Winnipeg - Jabari Issa
Saskatchewan - Jermese Jones

I want to hear from YOU guys about YOUR teams, so holler

I'd have to say Ian Smart for the Lions. He is quietly the best returner in the game today.

I love your choice of Amariah Farrow by the way.

I love James Johnson of the Riders. I think he is amazing for his small size.

I'd have to say Jamie Stoddard of the Bombers, the guy goes out and gives 100% every game, but is not used or recognized as much as he should be.

He is a good choice.

I think that James Johnson, Diamond Ferri, and JoJo Walker are all very good choices

You guys are missing the obvious.

Rob Cote


Another good one is Brandon Browner....not sure how
long he'll stay in CFL though.