Behind the scenes at Ivor Wynne : Video

Many people have never seen Ivor Wynne in person so I thought this new video from the Spectator sports guy, Scott Radley might be helpful in showing just how ancient and tired the stadium really is and what all the fuss about the need for a new stadium is all about.

Click the link: 8)

Not that I case much about the comfort of the visiting teams, but the part of this video that takes you through the visitors locker room really underscores the need to bring the stadium into this century. 8)

Even if the Cats magically come up with the additional $55 million and the stadium reno goes forward, the Sky Dome (which was built in the 80's) will still be much more state of the art.

Who knows?
Haha...Thanks for the viedo, it does underline the fact Hamilton needs a new stadium asap.
That is embarrassing for such a city and such a team.

It was opened in 89 and cost a 1/2 billion dollars and sold for 25 million a few years back . Now thats some resale value :lol: :roll: