Behind the R in Ottawa

Saw this in an email from the Redblacks today. Looks like it could be an interesting series.


yeah, it looks like something we can enjoy.
I'm looking forward to it

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I'm looking forward to the sequel, "Behind the Next Letter in Ottawa". George Lucas will be handing the special effects unit.

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Lucas would do the letter 'prior' first. Along with a side order of Jar Jar :slight_smile:

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Stay tuned each week for the new 'BEHIND THE R' docuseries. Featuring everyone involved with the Redblacks.

I got a chance to see the preview episode 1 before its release and gave them a 5/5. Been told by members of the organization that in future episodes they are going to be giving never before seen access to professional sports franchise.



Could have an episode called 'In The R' that talks about playing in the rain.

Not sure if 2021 was an anomaly but two or three games were played in brutal rain conditions. Maybe common to Ottawa but not seen in other areas of the country. It was not difficult to see why the offense struggled.

Something to be aware of for free agents. A dome can be a beautiful thing.

I think it was indeed an anomoly, but yeah there was definitely bad luck for rain. My seats were under the roof on the north side, but for those in the south side (not to mention the players on the field), conditions were rough.

We get rain at games in Ottawa EVERY season
We sit in South Side and just put on our ponchos
No biggie🤣

Did I mention ...... north side sucks!!!:wink:

I have to admit that the south side stands look very nice (from my vantage point under the roof of the north side). But I need that extra comfort of the roof to keep my wife coming to the games with me.

ps I'm too new to Ottawa to have much connection to the North Side vs South Side rivalry

I've seen you on tv. :slightly_smiling_face:

Worst rain game I ever saw was the Grey Cup between the Argos and Stamps in old Empire Stadium. Think it was around 1972.
Dick Thorton picked off a pass in Calgary's end late in the game. Argos were marching in for the winning TD. Leon Mcquay slipped on a sweep and fumbled it away.

Reminded me of that Calgary fumble deep in the Argo end in Ottawa. Tragic bad break for the Stamps.