Behind the Errors-Als Show Promise

The Als-Riders game was exciting although error prone.Setting aside the interceptions,dropped passes,penalties,fumbles etc,the Als showed they can still play football.The Als did at times show a good offense especially in the first half when a good mixture of passing by Calvillo and running by Robert Edwards resulted in scoring drives.However as the game progressed the team got away fron the run and this is one reason Calvillo was faced by a deadly rush from the Riders.Calvillo had little time to set up in the pocket and the offense floundered.For this team to progress they must stay with the run and use a short passing game to get the ball to the receivers quickly otherwise,as this game demonstrated,Calvillo will be sacked repeatedly.The Als did not attempt to use the screen pass which is an effective tool against this kind of rush.It was unfortunate that Lapointe was injured as he has always been a good back with screens and one wonders if Edwards has the speed to get himself quickly into screen patterns......Receiving is a large problem for the Als.Cahoon was missed.Stala made a couple of receptions but Cahoon is their go to guy. Watkins played well and accounted for most of the completions.Thryon Anderson was barely noticed and the Als need another deep receiver to pair up with Watkins[perhaps Mark Boerigter].Terrance Edwards displayed some strength but the Als number one need is another deep receiver.The running of Troy Davis in the Toronto Edmonton game indicated that Toronto can be vulnerable to the rush.To survive this year when Toronto will be the target,Edwards must be heavily utilized. The offensive line needs to have more fun in opening spaces for Edwards to romp.The line has been spending too much time in pass blocking and needs more time in an offensive mode than constantly being in the pass blocking defense stance.....Kerry Joseph destroyed the Als with his running and is a good example of how valuable a QB who can run is an asset in the CFL....Duane Taylor impressed in the defensive backfield and the defense played well but for the running of Joseph...In summary,this was a close game and the outcome was decided in the closing minutes.But for the outstanding running of Joseph this could have been an Alouette victory.

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IMO T.Edwards is the deep threat the Al's have been looking for. If Cahoon and Lapointe retire after this season the Al's should retool there offence with the exception of both Edwards, Cavillo,Brady and Dedrick.