Behind the curtain of the Printers deal

I posted a link to an article written by elliot friedman. If you dont like the article then I suggest you contact mr friedman. It is an interesting article about one of the biggest signings this team has ever made. You can take what he says however you want but I have to say that I am very suprised at the reaction by some the fans to this article. Mr Young is well respected owner and businessman and a staunch supporter of the cfl. He also is an advocate of a salary management system and the fact that we need that system for this league to be sustainable and for all teams to be on a level playing field financially. I think its a shame for some on here to speculate that he has somehow bypassed this system on the deal with printers so as to not affect the salary cap. That goes against what mr young wants for this league. To say that private companies will give him money so we get less of a hit on the cap is speculation and accuses mr young of the very thing he is trying to stop in this league......That sort of thing does go on in a salary cap world but I really think accusing mr young of it is a bit of a stretch. One day we are cutting salaries to get cap space and the next we have an elaborate scheme to get around the salary management system. Talk to mr friedman, its his article.

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And “kudo’s to Ronfromtigertown” for rightly pointing out that Bob Young has probably not made one red cent from this “investment?”.

We are lucky to have a team and I believe things will turn around quickly from here on in! :wink:

We have struggled for a few years…what is another short wait till next June? :roll:

Support the team and let the pro’s do their job!

A blind man can see what needs to be done here.

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" A blind man can see what needs to be done here"

And that is bring back Garney Henley!!!

Sean Millington step aside here comes Garney.

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"Bob does nothing but pull profits out of this franchise".....

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RonfromTigerTown might have forgotten total sarcasim signs when he typed this in jest.....;0)

Garney would help our secondary and give us a go to receiver.

Id love to talk to Friedman but he is not the easiest person to get a hold of. And if you do want this article disputed, examined and debated…DONT put it on here. I dont believe the statements in the article and I have more then every right to discuss and dispute.

I’m not accusing Bob of anything but a smart move. Its been reported in many articles that the business community reached out. Its just like Tiger Woods signing with Gatorade.

I’ll give you another case. Lebron James…Cleveland is a small market. If James left Cleveland to go to a big market i.e. New York or LA, Nike would pay James up and above $10 million more on his current contract to free up cap space. In turn allow James and his big market team the room to sign players and content for a title.

Hey Printers, Company X is going to give you $$$ for sponsorship

so then we can lower your contract

seeing how outside sponsorship
doesnt effect the cap.

So instead of a 400,000
hit against the cap,

its a 350,000 hit plus 50,000
in outside sponsorship.

Sounds to me that you just broke down the scheme bob uses to bypass claiming salaries on the cap. You could call it a good business move if want, its really just cheating around the cap if it was done, and I really doubt mr young would do that.
I didnt say anything about you debating it, its up here for people to read and decide for themselves. People complaining about constant whining on the budget? or venting in these forums? its elliots story, I didnt even comment except to stand up for bob and his reputation.

This time I am the one who was responsible for
spreading misinformation about the Printers deal.

I knew that such deals occur in the world of sports
but rebounder's statement that the use of side deals
to circumvent the CFL's SMS is not legal is true.

According to this article that isn't what the Ticats did.

click here

[b]Big Sports Booster Ron Foxcroft

Sells Hamilton's Virtues
To Casey Printers' Agent.[/b]

September 08 2007

Hamilton Spectator

Steve Milton

Apparently, a call from Ron Foxcroft
to Printers' agent, Jason Medlock,

late Wednesday afternoon extolling the virtues
of the business opportunities in Hamilton

had some impact on the quarterback's
decision to sign with the Ticats.

"I just talked about the community,
and how the franchise had a solid plan

  • finally - to succeed on the field,"

Foxcroft, who prefers to stay behind the scenes,
reluctantly confirmed to The Spectator.

"How Casey could come here and be a
very important person in a small community

and still have the benefits of a large city
just 40 miles down the highway."

My apologies, folks.

Where does it say the it is illegal? It’s illegal for the team to make an undisclosed payment but its legal for a player to sign a sponsorship deal with a company.

If they leave and don’t come back, then they really aren’t die-hard fans, are they.
Die-hard fans stay even when the going gets tough…
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So True E

I didnt read the article but Ill tell you 2 things you have a great owner and that Foxcroft guy is a hellofaguy.