Behind the curtain of the Printers deal

Interesting read on how the deal went down courtesy of Elliot Friedman of CBC:

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WOW! that pretty well confirms the rebounder theory.i do disagree on the part about the argos trading him here. i think theyd have kept him and traded bishop to mtl for piercy.

Yeah thats an old article.

Bunni I agree 100%. Why would we ever let the Argos sign Printers only so they could trade him to us??? That doesn't make sense. Why wouldn't we just sign him ourself and then we wouldnt have to trade anything to the Blue Team to begin with.

The Argos back tracked because they were interested, they lost him, they need to feed the media and their own team a story to cover up their intentions.

WOW! that pretty well confirms the rebounder theory
thanks bunni, more coming over all the time

i find it sad that a team supposedly way under the cap and with a wealthy owner would need help to pay for a premium player

Why did up this old "news" story?

So we are to believe the blue team would have signed Printers and then traded him to the TiCats.

Sure. Why not. Sounds plausible. It happens all the time in free agency.

Like the time Roger Clements signed with the Yankees and then they dealt him to the Red Sox.

Or the time the Leafs signed Gary Roberts and then dealt him to the Habs.

Then there's the time...oh, wait. That never happens. But if the CBC says so then it must be the truth. They never spin, distort or otherwise distract the truth.

talk to elliot, its his story.

i think other than the argo spin the interesting part was bob not willing to spend without help

i think other than the argo spin the interesting part was bob not willing to spend without help
Good spot bunni, I missed that part.

Rebounder I live in Kelowna whats up?

As a matter of fact, I do live near Christchurch (New Zealand), and the stench of this ticat season is only outdone by the early exit of my All Blacks early exit from the World Cup.

Boo Hoo

Go Cats?

Its not that difficult guys but I'll break it down to you. Hey Printers, Company X is going to give you $$$ for sponsorship so then we can lower your contract seeing how outside sponsorship doesnt effect the cap. So instead of a 400,000 hit against the cap, its a 350,000 hit plus 50,000 in outside sponsorship.

That article is from Sept. 10..

Sorry guys, I just found out what those thingys are and why it had a town listed on it near me way over here in NZ, freaky. Now back to your regular programming...

Go Cats

It won't stop the constant misinformation
these guys keep spewing about caretaker bob

but thanks for pointing this
Sports business practice out
to the rest of us, whoknows.

As far as these guys are concerned

bob does nothing but pull
profits out of this franchise.

Exactly. What’s the point of all this constant whinning about the budget? Rebounder, you’ve already made it clear you don’t attend games or support this team, so why log on here? If you don’t like Bob’s ownership then stay away - entirely.

Toronto was going to help us get Printers just like they helped us get Glen when Sask was ready to deal him. :lol: :roll:

Ok, I’ve had a cup of tea and not as cranky.

The team is rebuilding. They are playing young guys. Rookies don’t get paid as much as veterans. Therefore, the team should be under the cap. If they weren’t, there would be no room for salary increases when the rookies prove themselves and raise their market value.

Last year the TiCats signed a bunch of free agents and what good did it do them? Bob has thrown a lot of cash into this operation so to infer that he’s cheap is simply false. He has also admitted to making some mistakes, but then took corrective measures. What more could be done?

Need I remind you that the TiCats were on the verge of extinction when Bob bought them. I am sure the franchise wasn’t making a profit then, so why did he do it?

I’m guessing most TiCat fans are disappointed and frustrated with the past few years. However, Bob didn’t buy this team to merely win a handful of games each year so I’m willing to follow his lead.

Coming on here to vent is one thing, but it would be appreciated if well thought out arguments dominated the forum instead of these far out conspiracy theories.

bob does nothing but pull profits out of this franchise.
Man, I don't know what you have been smoking but rest assured, Mr. Young has not pulled one cent in profit from the TiCats. He has stated as much himself earlier this season in this forum.

Maybe once the Cats get their team together and start winning a profit may come eventually.

My concern is that we have been in such a horrible skid since 2001 that die hard fans may leave in droves never to return and support our team both financially and emotionally.

That's a valid concern and one I share with you. Yet, in all sporting leagues there are teams that have endured hard times and their fans didn't walk away.

Everyone loves a winner and every winning team has a band wagon. Yet, there is still value in going to the games to watch live professional football, all the hype of game day, and the hope that better times are ahead.

The secondary is a mess and the team's biggest weakness. Both lines have improved and that needs to continue. We are definitely without a "go-to" receiver. On the positive side, we have a solid base of non-imports, a trustworthy kicker, a mean linebacking corps, explosive backfield, oh, and a guy named Printers.

Here's to next year!