BEHAR TEES OFF: Redblacks angry after QB Masoli knocked out of loss to

It's a watershed moment for the CFLPA. Essentially, it is so inexcusable how do you defend the guy? I'm betting they hope he broke their code of conduct and they can walk away......

I guess whats important is find the facts of what happened. because if they looks like what we see now ... please CFL and CFLPA- we don't need this crap in our game.


Marino (MORON) should be let go and put on "DO NOT SIGN" list for 3 years. Yes I said it, let him rot on the sidelines until he is too old play again in the CFL.

GOONS are NOT needed in the CFL


As of yet, no one else has verified Behar's allegations. All those players & officials near by haven't come forward to the best of my knowledge. If the officials report to the league otherwise nail him to the cross, but Behar's word by itself is a non starter.


Exactly. And Behar should face discipline for this nonsense as well

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Borderline on that, small fine maybe, but he should know better than to sound off with no proof to back him up. It seems suspicious to me that as of yet even teammates haven't come forward in support of his statements. I find it hard to believe he would be the only one around to hear these comments from Marino. If no more support comes his way it's going to look bad on him.

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Big mean white guy who plays for lowly sask is a racist. Eastern media laps that up

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Ticats fan coming in piece... I just had some questions to ask Redblack fans...

a) I'm happy to see you guys getting things going over the last few weeks just some bad luck the first few games..
b) I seen that the Redblacks are planning for the worst without Masoli so what we talking like 5-6 weeks or even rest of season even though they havnt said anything yet.
c) as far as that player goes.. Since he is known for this even I heard them saying that the NCAA players were saying that he was like that too in the NCAA i say screw it and just black list him for good like Manziel is with the CFL and he can go play in some fan league like Manziel is right now.

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Thank you for seeing what the rest of the Country saw.

I did not hear any of that NCAA stuff. I only just heard of him BECAUSE of his disrespect to the game of football. As a player he should be ashamed. His team mates should be ashamed. His Coach instead of defending him, should be benching him until their team GM says goodbye. And yes DO NOT SIGN list for 3 years.

Full disclosure... Die hard rider fan here.

His coach (Dickenson) has said on the record that he will face internal discipline.

From what I have seen, the vast majority of Riders fans want Marino suspended if not outright released. The release wouldn't do much, as another team, likely in the west, would pick him up and he'd just keep on playing, plus then we'd have to face him. If the league could issue a ban or Do Not Sign order, they may open themselves up to a lawsuit. I'd be shocked if they weren't quietly exploring their options, but we have to manage expectations.

Behar's accusations have not been proven, but if they are, I think they should be treated as a separate incident, and punished severely.

Code of Conduct violation seems the most likely out for the league and the Riders, but I'm just not sure how that would work. It would depend on his contract.

I will defend the fans in the stands who cheered as he left, as apparently there was no replay shown in the stadium, and they most likely didn't get a good view live. Also, many of those cheering were doing so in encouragement for Masoli, who was being helped off the field at that time. I've spoken to a few people who were at the game, and they corroborated this theory. Of course, there may have been one or two idiots, just like any stadium, but the fans Ive spoken to are definitely not backing Marino.

I wish this hadn't happened, and I think Marino should pay a high price for his hit and subsequent classless actions.

I ask that you not judge me, the Riders organization, or Riders fans as a whole, based on the actions of one (idiotic, selfish, dirty, classless) player.


I dug up some info about a fight he had during a university football practice before one team cut him in 2014 and about a dui charge in 2014 very easily


I doubt you're going to get any of his teammates coming forward to back him up. Lets see how that would sound..."no he's definitely an asshole for intentionally injuring another player but he's not racist"...any player who does go to bat for him is going to be pegged as someone who is defending his actions both on the field and while he was being ejected.
Its a no lose scenario for Behar because even if the accusations don't stick or aren't true you can never really ever wipe the crap being called out like that off of you.
I am curious though as to why Behar didn't chose to come forward before the game as the incident apparently took place the night before?

Looks like Behar wasn't the only one to hear to slurs. But again the CFL Fucked it up by giving Moron#92 only 1 game for the comments?

Oh and two games for second low hit in 6 plays??

Total bush league

Ok last post on the Moron92 subject


I think Marino got off really lightly with the (CFL record) length (4 games) of his suspension. To stop such behaviour in the future the suspension should be the same as the length of time the injured player is on the injury list when it is a deliberate attempt to injure (10 to 12 weeks). As a Ticat fan I am a huge Masoli fan. I hoped he would do well this year in Ottawa - just not when playing the Ticats.


I said it was my last post on this but wanted to be fair.

So below are both the statements :roll_eyes: from Moron#92 and the Roughriders

IMO ........... Wonder who wrote it for the clown. There is no way in hell he can spell that many words with more than 5 letters AND use them correctly. :rofl:

If it were written by Marino it was probably written with either a crayon or a sharpie magic marker . :crazy_face:

I believed the Saskatchewan press releases regarding the whole thing.
I believed they had learned from their mistakes.
I believe they were .........

(hitting alarm button):rofl:

Those rough riders are Dickheadsons products. They couldn't even START the damn game before throwing a helmet???????

HOW DOES THAT not get you tossed before it starts???? Using a helmet as a weapon????? And we had FANS thrown out before game time in Ottawa for trying to fly a flag???

LAST SEASON as STH (1982-1996 + 2002 + 2014 to present) for this guy.

Thanks CFL
Clowns Fckd the League!!

Latest twitter from Masoli
He is pissed at the League, the PA and the whole damn thing!

It's the East's fault that the Riders are full of trashy players.

The East is out to get those poor souls from the hard working, cow tipping west.

Whether it's our prime minister, the media, or the fans, the entire country is out to get the west.

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