Behar, Korte delivering message of inclusivity in football

Welcome to the first month of the CFL regular season! And welcome to Pride Month 2023!

And while we’ve heard the term “football is for everyone” many times, one of the main messages in 2023 is simple: football is for you.

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What he said

“It’s hugely important to me to welcome the LGBTQ+ community to come out and be part of football,” Korte said. “Whether it’s playing football, whether it’s coming to games as fans. I think it’s hugely important to welcome that, to bring those people into the fold, and to make them part of our CFL family.”


as a person that is a member of the LGBTQ+ community - thank you for that, it’s appreciated :slight_smile:


Happy Pride, y’all!


Why does someone flag the post after WeGotTheCup gave it a reasoned response?

And. . . why are both Sojo’s post and WeGotTheCup’s most classy response zapped into oblivion but my post is left standing, as now no one will have a clue as to what I was talking about?

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replies do not dictate whether a post deserves to be flagged, and you are more than welcome to delete your own posts. and before you think i did it - no, i did not delete them. i’m not a mod and deciding if flagged posts are removed isn’t my responsibility.

Straw man. I made no such suggestion.

i’m not a man and i edited my post

Sorry, I foolishly assumed that anyone would have known that “straw man” is a reference to a “straw man argument”, which is irrelevant to any one person’s personal plumbing. In future I shall endeavour to be more careful.

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i know exactly what a straw man argument is. i was being facetious.

gender has nothing to do with plumbing. :slight_smile:


The English language is dynamic and not static.

“Gender” used to be simply a grammatical term, denoting either “Masculine” or “Feminine”. It has changed (and is still changing) its meaning rather a lot these days.

And I know it’s got nothing to do with plumbing. I can be facetious too. :slight_smile:

It’s like “awful” used to mean ‘full of awe’, whereas over time it’s come to mean “bad”.

Or my favourite. . . “goodbye.” That word used to be slang. . .the appropriate phrase when leaving someone’s company in Dark Ages England was “god be with ye”. . . “goodbye” is simply a contraction of “god be with ye”. . . how the extra “o” snuck in there is a mystery to me.