Begelton vs. Williams: Who will make a bigger impact?

Sunday’s Western Semi-Final presents itself as a stage for some of the best position battles seen this season. From the calm, accurate Calgary Stampeders’ signal-caller Bo Levi Mitchell countering the dual-threat talent of Saskatchewan Roughriders’ Cody Fajardo all while under the Dickenson brothers’ sibling rivalry, the game will have no shortage of battles to watch.

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Both Williams and Begelton have made impacts to their respective teams this late season. To me the biggest difference is Calgary can rely on a better running game and Kamar Jorden as well. Fajardo has really tried to lean on Williams, and at times focuses just on him.

I am shocked. I was sure you were going to say that Williams is a little better than Begelton and that he also has the advantage of a better QB throwing him the ball.

why did you feel the need to add this?

Because I have never seen you post anything resembling balanced criticism and because you believe the Stamps are the greatest bestest ever and have never made one mistake, had a bad player or recruited any other way than what I have dubbed “The Stampeder Way”. And because it is true.

Why does that make you so upset?

Why would you think I’m upset? Just enjoying my hobby of shooting fish in a barrel on my day off.

Bo and Cody both threw a boatload of interceptions this year. Especially Mitchell with 13 interceptions to 10 touchdowns. I see the defences deciding this game.

Going to be a rough day for either quarterback if they try to force the ball go stamps

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…yeah I agree, I don’t see a high scoring game (hope I’m wrong haha)

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The trenches will decide the outcome... The riders have a not so good O line the stamps have some issues with interceptions ... Could go either way depending on QB performance on both teams.... One because of no protection the other for, well, maybe forcing the ball all season???

…trench wars and turnovers for sure, those will be key..