Before you do Big Daves VGC discuss week 5

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Montreal @ Toronto - This is a tough one the way Montreal has been playing but again they play like the Stamps lately and well they have a healthy number 1 QB. The problem is who is QB for TO. I am going with the Als for this one.

Hamilton @ Winnipeg- The smart thing to do is to pick the bummers just because dad said so. But Hamilton playing BC showed this team is improving this could be the game they get their first win. The bombers seem more focused on getting Stegal his milestone. So I will pick the Tiger Cats once again. Come on kitties do not let me down.

Edmonton @ Saskatchewan- WEll the game last week was so close that anyone could have won that game. The Eskimos to are improving each week. But this time I will go with the home team. Riders on this one but close.

BC @ Calgary- Could the Stamps beat the unbeaten Lions with their third string QB. Well I would hope so with the Stamps playing at home. This one is a toss up but depends the stamps will need to pick it up a notch. This one is a toss up. I am laning on the Lions to win though. Their defense could win this game with out the offense.

Thoughts anyone?

Montreal @ Toronto-- McMahon had a brutal game in Calgary. I dont see much improvement for Toronto with either QB in there. Even though Montreal lost it was by only two points, and Calvillo played decent. Montreal by 7

Hamilton @ Winnipeg- Hamilton is improving, but until they cut down on the mental mistakes and penalties,they will keep losing. Winnipeg by 10

Edmonton @ Saskatchewan-- Riders showed up in the 1st half and disappeared in the 2nd. They need to play a full 60 mins , and I believe they will do that this time around, but it will be close once again. Riders by 3

BC @ Calgary-- Im going to go with the upset in this one. The BC offence hasn't done much all season, its the defence that are winning them games. Hamilton did not turn over the ball much and almost won. Lions are facing a better team this time around and wont be so lucky. Calgary by 3

Hey Sambo those are all my picks, you copied me.
All kidding aside, I have to agree with you on all accounts.

Montreal @ Toronto - I'll take Montreal. Unless McMahon has a decent game, I dont see Toronto pulling it out. I think it will be a close, low scoring game however. Decided by a field goal or less.

Hamilton @ Winnipeg - Bombers by 10. Milt will have 2 TDs, and then Mission 138 or w.e will be over with finally... Hamilton will play decent, but not decent enough lol.

Edmonton @ Saskatchewan - I thought that last game was going to be a blowout for the Riders at the half, but then they apparently forgot to leave the locker room or something. At home, hopefully that doesnt happen. I think the defense has a great game, sacks Ricky Ray 4 times, and gets 3 picks. Riders by 14.

BC @ Calgary - Stamps. I really wasnt impressed with Buck Pierce against Hamilton, and although he has some skills, I would be lying to you if I would have said I thought he was a great QB. I think that as long as Calgary focusses on football, and not a crazy dance routine, they should be good to go. Stamps by 5.

Jman why mention dance routines? Have they not quit or did I miss Ned Flanders doing a jig on the sidelines.

Depends who the Lions start at QB. With DD I'd say Lions by 10, but with Jarius or Buck i'll call it a closer game. Maybe Lions by 3 or 4.

Stamps by 3 in a 30-27 or so game.
Riders beast Eskies by a TD.
Montreal beats T.O. by 3.
Hamilton beats Winnipeg by 4.

The first week when all games are close.

Again, what about the other games??

I like Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and BC.

Buddy, I picked your team... Dont give me flack for that... And you and me both know what I was talking about.

Thank goodness for copy & paste! 8) 8) 8)

MONTREAL Over Toronto. McMahon still needs some work. Injuries are hurting Toronto. Montreal needs this win. MONTREAL by 3

WINNIPEG Over Hamilton. Winnipeg is at home, and on a roll. Milt should break the record. WINNIPEG by 6

SASKATCHEWAN Over Edmonton. Its hard to sweep back to back games. Riders only lost by 1. Riders are at home, RIDERS by 2

CALGARY Over BC I had this one marked as one of BC's losses at the beginning of the year. Floyd is still out, Dickenson is out. Both Buck Pierce and Joe Smith are hurting but will play. Calgary should keep it rolling after the win against the Argos. CALGARY by 2

Don't like the injuries on the Argos, but liked what I seen from when they played Winnipeg (the Als), so I'm going with Montreal over Toronto.

Winnipeg (my boys :wink:) are playing as a team. Hamilton isn't. Gonna be another sellout crowd, so the Blue don't want to disappoint at home again like they did against the Esks. I choose Winnipeg.

Always go with the gut. Saskatchewan. Had Edmonton at first, then switched to the 'Riders from the game the past Friday night. Anyway... Saskatchewan.

B.C.'s still the best team in the CFL even if Dave isn't playing as QB; the Stamps aren't ready to take on the challenge.

I seen this thread after I made my predictions, but here's a more better view at who I'm choosing. :smiley:


....Montreal is being out-coached so far this yr.....even with the injuries that the Argos have ..Pinball will put enough on the field to squeak this one out....Argos by 3 :roll:

...Hammer comes to the Peg....Lumsden is running wild....but then so can Charlie...reveiving corps of the Blue are superior to anything the Cats have....and that will make the big difference...Bombers by 14....and NOT because my son has gone with Hamilton..... :lol:

Esks. at Riders....really a toss last game between these two...both clubs evenly matched....Ray could be the difference maker....BUT....i got a hunch Sask. is gonna take the 2 pts...Riders by 10 :roll:

B.C ...riding into cowtown on the limp....Stamps looked like they put their game together against a team last week ,who were also beat-up....hmmmmmm....tight-one....i'll say the Stamps by a field goal.... 8)

all-in-all... for the most part close games this week.... :thup:

Dam if I could I would spray paint your back in red butthead on your back! How is that for flack? :lol: :lol:

Homer want a cookie! Winnipeg mom is going to hit you with that rolling pin one more time.

Montreal @ Toronto - I'm taking Montreal. I refuse to believe they'll drop to 1-4. Besides, McMahon had a surprisingly horrible game last week, and Allen is over the hill. Not to mention Montreal has taken 2 of the last 3 meetings at Toronto.

Hamilton @ Winnipeg - The Ti-Cats played well last week, but playing well doesn't always equal winning. Besides, the Bombers have a better team (how the hell does Roberts already have 6 TDs?!?!?!)

Edmonton @ Saskatchewan - I'd like to pick Edmonton, but I just don't see them getting the sweep, especially on the road. Though this could be an early test for them. Will they improve on the road?

B.C. @ Calgary - Everyone seems to be picking the Stamps. I guess I'll go against the grain (lol) and pick B.C. In 2005 B.C. was 3-0 against them, and in 2006 B.C. was 3-2 against them. How can you argue against a 6-2 record? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey 2005.....So what do we win? :wink: :wink:

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