before you complain about CFL refs supposedly being the worst

consider this

CFL refs rule

All that proves is that the NFL admits there is a problem while the CFL continues to deny it

How does this article make the CFL refs better than NFL refs?

didn’t really say better, just not worse

from watching the games in both leagues, I see more problems per game in NFL.

I second that, I dont see nearing as many mistakes on CFL games as there is in the NFL! I’ll take CFL games over the NFL games any day!!

I disagree, NFL problems get magnified because their media doesn’t let the league get away with it. Not to mention the billions moving around on betting.

Their broadcasters generally make TSN look like a clown show so they also are able to point out more.
NFL officiating is 10x better than the CFL.

Thats another reason why the CFL is better, because of the betting, rumor has the reason for the missed calls, are for betting reasons, and the speculation that certain, if not all NFL games are rigged!

don’t mean to offend, but the only response I can think of is balogna

NFL has 100 times the money but the same problems with reffing the games as the CFL .

The CFL has had terrible refs but they have become better and the NFL have become worse .

The CFL is calling less and the NFL is calling more .

Doesn’t matter what league it’s become the great equalizer even with the bags of cash .

That miss last year with LA Rams playoff with the Saints was one of the worst in any era in any league

Doesn’t say that either

In 2016, the two leagues started a ref exchange program to help develop officials for both . . . looks like that’s helped the CFL but hurt the NFL. :smiley:

Bad calls all around. Every league of every sport. CFL though is the only league that seems to be defined by it. Remember, video review looks at plays for most calls at game speed. The idea is to be extra eyes for the refs, not to take it down to the millisecond.

The one area I do like in the NFL when it comes to calls, is that they generally let the play go more often than not on pass interference. Yes, they miss blatant calls sometimes, but I do like that players seem to be able to fight for position more. In the CFL, its weighted so far on the receivers side, that if a DB sneezes on a receiver prior to a catch, a flag goes up. I don’t blame the refs, but I do find the CFL pushes calls to the extreme.

NFL only gets called on it if it is something the hype machine can’t drown it out.

Shorter version for both leagues - worse calls after replay review in one or two games a week than before and the reviews still take way too long.

Fix it CFL and fix it NFL.

ok, I give you that

article says NFL refs sub standard, to me at least

my personal observation is that NFL refs are as bad, if not worse, as CFL refs.

They probably brought some of the forbidden fruit back with them and they didn’t catch it at the border crossing .

I truely don’t mean to offend either, but if you actually thing they’re close to comparable you don’t watch enough NFL.

I watch the NFL on 5 screens every Sunday. The NFL plays 12-15 games and only a few calls make the news. It’s night and day.

They let way more go, the games flow better.

letting things go when they shouldn’t is part of the problem, like with last years NFC final.

its not just about calling penalties that make good reffing though. It is as you indicate also about not calling false penalties as well. However, it is also a lot about non penalty situations, such as ball placement, blowing a whistle too soon, or too late, getting fumble/ non fumble calls right, calling a player out of bounds when he wasn’t, etc. These are the many errors I have seen too much of this year.

if all were as you suggest, the NFL wouldn’t be so concerned about it as the article suggests.

We’re discussing the NFLs issue vs the CFLs issue.

The NFL can have a higher standard that they want to fix, and they can at the same time be miles ahead of the CFL.

One has nothing to do with the other.

The one call last year is cherry picking an example of one bad call that got a ton of press. Much more than the exact same scenario that happened in Guelph between Montreal and Hamilton that many CFL fans probably don’t even remember.

I think you are understating how bad the NFL refs are, and overstating how bad CFL refs are.

In both cases though, I think the worst shows up a lot less than the best.

As for cherry picking, yes it got a ton of press because of the result, however, the same thing happening in a reg season game that did not have much affect on the game outcome would be just as bad a screw up as far as the ref judgement on the play. Most of the screw up do not get a lot of press, but the fans still see them happening. I see them happening.

I was much happier with CFL refs this last season than I am now with NFL refs this season.