Before the season is over, give lions a pat on the back

Geroy Simon- Casey Printers- Martell Mallet- Ian Smart- Barron Miles- Emmanuel Arceneaux- Ryan Grice-Mullen- Ricky Foley- Paris Jackson.

All these guys I mentioned, they made a difference in the team. They played with all of there heart every game, but so did all the other teammates. I am mainly impressed with arceneaux, he came out of no where, in a good way, catching lots of balls, even hard catches, getting hit hard and still holding on, he deserved a reward this year, like maybe best rookie receiver if there is a reward for that. Simon got another 1000 yards plus year, Ryan Grice Mullen was a good add to the team. Printers was a goof add. And so many more. Thank you for a great/entertaining/nail biting/screaming at your tv/jumping and cheering season. All of you lions played your heart out, from being 8-10, crossing over and making it this far, I say good job. Also, with all new younger players, next year they will only be better, but we will obviously make some changes. Also Jamal Lee, for his first game, he is doing good, good special team coverage, to bad his first run he got poor coverage. But, good job BC Lions, I will always be your your teams biggest fan, I will never boo you guys or switch teams, even if your 0-18. Everybody, lets give some good comments in here about the good stuff of the BC Lions this year, I don't want any negative comments. Give them a round of applause. If you see them or see a player, tell them we all say good job to them and we are supporting them. Great job BC, looking forward to seeing you next season!!!

and we have made it into Six straight Division finals

it was fun while it lasted and hope blooms eternal - see you next year!

hey Geroy SimonFan.. I see you finally agreed with me and others on Casey Pinters cause here is what you wrote!!!

Ryan Grice Mullen was a good add to the team. Printers was a goof add


See ya next season!!


LOL LOL, I mean good! AHAH, I just laughed out loud.

I will always be a fan, through good, bad or indifferent seasons. I am so proud of the men on this team and can not wait for next year! It's going be to exciting and we have much to look forward to...........and I am SO glad that Casey is back!
Onward to Empire, be grateful for the payback by proxy that happened to-day (and hope that the Alouettes continue the trend) and we shall rise again..............


haha, yes, we will trade some players for better ones, and im liking the new quote :stuck_out_tongue: 2010 champs :stuck_out_tongue:

we also got some nominees for all star team :slight_smile:

Hey for sure! Had a pile of fun watching great players try to do there best inspite of all the headaches…May they all have better results next year!

Hey Geroy SimonFan.... if you are around next year at one of the games .... I'll buy you a beer!!

Absolutely agree. With all the adversity at QB, The Leos fought throughout and never gave up. Buono is still one of the best C's ever.
Imagine next year with G-M and Mallet with a season under their belts, Arcenault too. Smart's back. And a stable of QB's with Printers, Jackson AND Pierce in the stable. Next year could be another great one.
Ther were some fantastic gems this season. All the close games were thrilling. Buck, you are one of the toughest men I've ever seen and you proved it this year. You're an awesome QB. Jarious you thrill and chill us but we love you man and are hoping for a great future. Casey, welcome back.
Love you Leo's, thanks for a great year.

Before the season is over, give lions a pat on the back.
+1 good thread.

Next season... The Empire Strikes Back!!!

Haha, ill buy you a drink also!