Before I forget...

One other thing that bugged me about Fan Apprciation Day was that the Cats brought in a Burlington drum and bugle band for 1/2 time. There must've been 75-80 kids in uniform on the field. They stood there freezing and got to play 1 crumby tune!!

The team's got to treat these kids better than that.

An Argo fan

sorry ,where's the neglect?

I kind of liked the tune they played, Barney, but to each his own! :lol:

Seriously though, that was nothing for marching bands. It wasn't that cold or that long. You want to see abuse come to Winnipeg and watch the bands that march at dusk in the Grey Cup parade for 2 hours in sub zero temperatures!

Is it just me, or are there a lot of Argo fans attending Ticat games these days?

Argos are pinballed !

They chose if they want to come or not and they also get in for free. I for one, would not be complaining. Also, they do X-Mas parades across Ontario, don't you think that's a little colder?

They are closet Ti-Cat fans...

Well, I'm a big CFL fan to be sure. And I could never cheer for a Western team (and the Bombers are a Western team). Also, you get a lot of bang for your entertainment buck at TiCat games. Soooooooo, I come to Hamilton. Besides, as I've said before, I actually like Hamilton.

An Argo fan

Well personally nothing against the BTTB, Hamilton has a fine Drum and Bugle Corp. HYPE, these kids work hard and deserve a chance to play. They compete in the States and they do us proud.
SO CALL THEM ALL READY, time for the Red Coats to take a vacation.

Hey, come on now. Those teenies got in a gig and got to sleep in their own bed that night. They're happy!