Before I die

Even though I may yet live another 25 plus yrs, I expect in the last 40 plus yrs, I have seen the best.

There will never be another Doug Flutie.
There will never be another Mervyn Fernandez
There will never be another Pinball

I have seen the greatest catches, from tony champion in the endzone to many fantastic one handed catches.

There is not much left to see that I havent already seen, but one thing.

I want to see the cup in wpg. Wpg and BC playing. WPG the favorite. Either, BC totally humiliates them from the start, or a great comeback in the 4th QTR to totally devestate the WPG crowd. Revenge for 88, and revenge for all the BC sucks chants that I sat through in the 80's, even when BC wasnt playing. grrrr

Then I can pass on, with a huge smile on my face. :thup:

I wish you good luck and great things

Good post. BC and Winnipeg could happen for you. Winnipeg gets there. But Bombers never win. Almost 20 years since Bombers won a cup. Agree on Flutie and Pinball. Stegall is great receiver. As good as Mervin? What do others think?

The '88 Grey Cup between Winnipeg and B.C. was a classic, but for some reason rarely gets mentioned when people talk about great Grey Cup games. A Winnipeg-B.C. Grey Cup this year is a real possibilty.

FYB, I felt that same way about Joe Kapp, Willie Fleming, the along came Flutie, Fernandez, Stegal, Rocket Ishmail.

The way colleges spit out football players, there will be more stars comming to the CFL

For me, Flutie was extra special. He was the only player I followed all the way from NCAA. Usually I dont watch college, but in early 80's, I watched some out of desparation to get needed saturday football fix. Managed to see Hershall, Marcus, and Bo, and Doug. Since doug played for BC( Boston College), naturally I cheered for them and was I ever impressed with him then. I was watching live the hail mary, but was more impressed with him buying himself time than the actual throw and catch, but what a thrill. What a ride to follow him all the way through his career, to be one of the first DF fans outside family, friends and Boston area. What a high when he came to BC. What a low when he left. It just cant be beat. sigh

Hard to imagine another CFL QB getting as many as 6 consecutive MOP awards without the NFL extraditing him. In fact I can't really remember why Flutie stayed so long. Maybe it's because he never got all the Grey Cup rings he thought he could until the dreaded Argo years. Or maybe it's because million-dollar contracts were still possible back then. (Although apparently the Stamps owner of the day was better at signing contracts than paycheques.)

As for all your "there will never be ..." statements - never say never.

I think Fernandez was over rated.

I know of a few receivers that are/were better than him.

just because he went to the NFL doesn't make him a great receiver.

Pinball.. I wouldn't say he's the greatest.. but he was pretty good!

depends how you define better receiver.

Two things no other reciever has been his match in.

  • the move he made to deek out defenders one on one from a standing position, such as catching a screen, etc. I cant beleive I have yet to see anybody else try it.

  • the way when defender had position on a short thrown ball, and he would outjump them and reach over to take the ball right out of their hands.

He made the overrated Dewalt look good. All Dewalt had to do was throw the ball in the area, and MF would go get it.

Other recievers, such as Pitts had longer CFL careers with benifit of better QBs.

No way is MF overrated. He would have wrote the record books if he spent his whole career here.

AS for pinball, many other RBs might have been more effective, but he was the most exciting, at everything he did. He was the closest thing to Barry Sanders the CFL ever saw in my lifetime.

Pinball wasn't the greatest running back; I would say that would go to Pringle.

Pinball wasn't the greatest receiver; many others could be listed ahead of him.

Pinball wasn't the greatest kick returner; no one comes close to Gizmo.

But Pinball did all three, and that's why he stands out.

best QB ever in the CFL was Warren Moon so this Flutie crap is stupid.

thats a matter of opinion.

I see Doug in the records books, dont see moon anywhere

Moon got the cup with one team that was good both before and after he left.

Doug got the cup with two teams, one that sucked before him and didnt do much afterwards.

How many times was moon MOP???

Yup, but the intangible was put him in a room with all three and who would you, me or anyone go to meet for the first time? Great doesn't just mean talent. Pinball is the greatest Argo of all time and one of the CFL's.

while talking about mr all pupose, I would like to give honorable mention to my second fav all time all purpose player, Craig Ellis.

Doesn't anybody remember Cookie Gilchrist?

He did it all!

Pinball might be a nice guy, but he's not even in the top 10 of all-time great CFL running backs.

not that it is what this is about, but prove it.

umm hey football is Doug Glutie in the NFL hall of fame pal?..or no wait is he one of the top 3 NFL and CFL Quarterbacks of all time. oh wait did he win 5 grey cups?....oh wait did he singlehandely turn the CFL into a game for rushing Qbs?..all you see Doug do in the NFL was sit on the Bench or lose

you have no idea what you are talking about.

Flutie did make the pro bowl you know

And he was the starter on two different teams

And there are reasons having nothing to do with his ability as to why he didnt play more of his career in the NFL

All that aside, NFL accomplishment means didly squat as far as who was the best CFL QB.

AS for 5 cup wins, Moon was not the starter for all 5.

How many MOPs did Moon get in Canada again??
How many CFL records does moon have again??

There are many great players, many of them named here. Personally, haveing seen all of them play, for my money, Jackie Parker is hands down the greatest player in CFL history. Flutie was a fabulous player and I know he was chosen as the greatest by that bogus panel. I am willing to go out on a limb and say that if you limitted the selection committee to include only those who saw both play, Parker wins easily.