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i can't wait....this expansion will help CFL year-end attendance average stats.

lets hope they expand PEPS soon:

and that will add only 5,000 more seats? seems like it would add 10,00 more and put Molson at 30,002 seats.

neat picture...

from the looks of it, by adding the second deck on the far side line, and adding a shallow section behind the far endzone, they would be adding AT LEAST 10K.

If they can do that, and be about to expand for a GC, their goes my peotest about the Big O.

I still say reorganize the big O. I like Molson Stadium, but your restricted with space, and have to deal with Mcgill U.

There is a local hockey that was playing in a stadium with too many seats and they struggled until they limited seating by putting up a curtain. Let's face it eastern Canada is a country with out a top notch football stadium period. They could rehab the O in a way so it has good football sightlines, and for big events take the curtains down and use the extra seating. I'am alos afraid that Montreal will eventually lose there chance at hostong a grey cup if the Big O doesn't get any improvements. It seems like better idea than renovating Molson Stadium. We all know that adding 5,000 seats to Molson stadium is not going to solve the financial problems. Try adding 10,000 seats plus luxury boxes.

I'am still hoping the Habs play game at the Big O and sell the place out. They do it every year at Michigan State for the Michigan v. Michigan state game.

Somehow i'am not impressed with the pics above. I would rather see seats surrounding the football field at the big O.

the problem with the big O, is its falling apart......if it wasnt falling apart, id agree with u.

i say...have one last Grey Cup there in 2008, then tear the place down ( leaving only the tower, as memory of the olympic games ), and build a new 40 000 seat stadium, specificaly for football somewhere in a better location.

Can't tear it down, you destory the subway beneath it like what happned n 9/11 and the WTC.

2008 will be in Edmonton, how about 2010?

if the big o is still standing in 2010, then sure.

A) its not falling apart!
B) tearing it down would not destroy the metro(subway) because it does not run underneath it.

i read that a metal beam fell from the ceiling during an expo game and landed next to the dugout..during play!...sounds like falling apart to me.

something would be damaged by destoring the Big O, I remember the discussion about demolosing it a year ago.

News to me DG The roof tore under theweight of the snow a few years ago but that's all I am aware of. They are also spending a few million to renovate the pool that is under the tower!

Kanga the turf would be destroyed but not the metro

The Stadium was remodeled in 1991, with 12,000 seats being removed for Expos games. In September of that year, one of the stadium's 55-ton concrete beams fell, forcing the Expos to play a handful of home games on the road.

oh ya!
i forgot about that!!

Oh well no falling pieces since then(again that I know of)
For what its worth the piece that fell was outside the stadium!

it's really cool to see the pics of the roof coming down when it still could. If somebody has them, could you post them?

[url=] ... Canada.asp[/url]

I have a pic somewhere of them hoisting the top piece of the tower during construction. I have to look for it!
Howsa bout a picture from the 1976 olympics?
I have a few of the 1969 grey cup parade as well
Expo 67?
The pope at the big O

there ya go, kanga.

thanks! God, if they tear it down, I will be so sad, such a great building.

Says the guy who has never been there!!!!!!!