Is everyone happy with the beer selection at IWS?

I'd like to see some variety. What about adding Keiths, or Becks, perhaps MGD or even Corona.

(ssshh. This is really a test to see how quickly the Maas-Haters hijack yet another non-Maas thread.)

Keith's for sure.
How about a beer from St. Lucia? It's called "Piton", and I think it's distributed by Heinekken.
Heinekken for sure.

The current selection is all Maas' fault...

Well if you dont want a big beer sponsor you might be about to have that kind of variety. But it wouldn't be a smart business move.

Personally I wouldn't mind having VERY DRY Bombay Gin martinis delivered by guys in tuxedos, but THAT won't happen any time soon...

Better than last year, I really don’t like “Bud”. Keith’s would be great, I hear it is Jason’s favorite too!


As it relates to beer, what is a "maas".

The problem with Guinness is that is takes longer to pour and that will just lengthen the lines at half-time.

I'm not familiar with Piton; St. Lucia you say? I have heard there is a great Hawaiian stout that is just sitting on the shelf getting warm.

Perhaps a decent whine bar would be appropriate. After all, Green Bay has its Cheese-Heads.

Yes, St. Lucia. Lighter tasting than Corona, and you don't need that annoying lime wedge to take the after-taste away. It's the only beer that I can drink all day, every day, and NOT feel the effects the next "morning".

Guinness also comes in a can (not QUITE the real thing), and it actually tastes very nice. Since you can get tall-boys in a can and TAKE THEM TO YOUR SEAT, then the same can be done with Guinness.

As for the "whine" bar - it seems alive and kicking here at

Rickards Red and Moosehead

i think that they should trade back jason armstead for some saskatchewan beer.

if we are going to do it eventually, we might as well get something all the fans can enjoy.

The beer selection is OK. I like that they don't pour the beer in a cup - that is just a time waster. It may be an idea to sell those foam can/bottle insulators to help keep the beer cool - not that it lasts long enough to get warm.

The real problem with Guinness is that you can only drink 12 or 13 before feeling full!

Speak for yourself! It's the beer that eats like a meal...

Actually, Guinness has less calories than milk. Don't let the colour fool you. It's also a great source of iron, or something, I forget.

Here's a different idea. Raise the price of beer, especially on Labour Day. I'm tired of idiots getting in fights in the stands, especially the drunken idiots who think that's acceptable behaviour.

I thought the lime wedge was to keep the flies away.

Beer is gross.

Beer is delicious

Wouldn't be a problem if they let you bring your own. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, guess they'd never go for that.

An Argo-Cat fan

I'm not trying to be argumentative here (that's not in my nature :wink: ), but I don't get how people like the taste of beer.