I have an idea! Next year instead of Bud why dont the Cats do a deal with Lakeport and sell the beer for $4? That would still be a 400% mark up.

That way if the product on the field is the same at least we wont be forced to watch it sober!

I would support Hamilton's own. Right now I drink before the game (walk over) and drink when I get back home never during.
Usually a low price brand in the fridge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well said my friend. Nothing like going to watch a crappy game and paying $7.00 for a beer in a plastic cup.

I agree that $1.00 beer @ a 400% markup sounds reasonable...problem is "contractual obligations" I'll expect we won't see $4.00 beer before Ticats win another Grey Cup. Which means based on the team's current inability to win a game.....when Pigs Fly

Nice thought though!

Lakeport is not prepared to fork over the kind of money Bud has invested into the CFL.

Plain and simple.

The CFL has only too often encountered problems by putting all their eggs into one basket.

and the problem here is?

While I don't buy beer at the games there are basic economic equations at work here.

Bud costs more for several reasons. One of those reasons relates to promotional costs. They spend more on promotions so that people will buy their beer at a higher price.

Second, Bud is still more popular than a beer like Lakeport. As long as people are willing to buy a more expensive beer then the consumer who is willing to settle for a 'lesser product' are out of luck when purchasing in a monopolistic situation.

Finally, if people stop buying then the price will come down in order to maintain an acceptable profit margin. You and I don't know where that price break is. (And to make matters even more complex, the team DOESN'T want its fans sloshed. It therefore would far rather make X profit by selling 10,000 beers than the same X profit by selling 18,0000 beers at a lesser price.)

you'd think though, that lower beer prices would equate to more concession sales..... not just more beer sales...

sure that guy that has eight beers now will probably have ten or twelve, but he'll be bombed regardless.

most people who go to the games to get bombed dont seem to care about price.

the average fan who has a beer or two at the games would probably rather be able to do that and buy say a pretzel and a hotdog.... instead of just the two beers.

just my uninformed opinion though....

He might- but again the profit equation comes in. Does two beers at a higher price bring inmore than two lower priced beers AND the food- especially when one takes into account the extra food staff and security people needed. These kinds of equations are rather finely honed by good organizations and are Waaaaaaay beyond posters like us. Even the professional accountants among us would need to see the actual figures before making any intelligent guesses.

They make that somewhat difficult. Since beer and food are sold seperately, with seperate lines, you sometimes have to choose one or the other.

Unless you have a lot of patience, or are willing to miss part of the game, you're not likely to stand in a fifteen minute line for beer, then move over to a fifteen minute line for food. Unless you can find one of the very few (doesn't it seem like there are a lot fewer this year) people walking around selling beer or food.

Many other stadia serve the two together which, IMO, encourages people to eat more and drink less.

speaking of which... what happened to beer sales in the seats?

I'm in box j and have yet to see anything but 50/50 people in our section for atleast 2 years.

The gross profit on most food and, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, at Ivor Wynne is 85+ % so beer drinkers are not the only customers paying dearly. I don’t think they really care what you purchase as long as you spend what (or more) the experts have determined what the average take (excepting ticket cost) per customer should be.

What the Ticats did is the best, quickest and easiest way to reduce the number of public drunks & drunken fan issues during a game.

And you have to admit there has been far less problems in the stands this year then years before.

Between Box K & J you see a couple of people selling beer in the stands. So it is there.

they use to come down in front WHERE COULD SEE THEM!!!
Not everyone sits on an isle.

All good arguements...........I have to say that I like the family atmosphere at the games, I like the reduced problems in the stands. But for the responsible people the prices on beer are crazy. 6 beers, $48 that is two cases of Lakeport! I am a season ticket holder and most games this year we just drank outside in the parking lot so we are still drinking the same amount of beer, but not spending and money inside the stadium, on beer or anything else for that matter.

Lakeport.......Great beer.....Fair prices!

Tiger Cats.....terrible product...high prices!

sorry , terrible arguement.

Lakeport is not great . It is what it is.
And sorry again but the ticat prices ARE reasonable including the ticket prices.
Go to ACC and see what you get for your buck.
You can't compare your beer store prices to stadium prices , that's crazy.

Caretaker bob has said all along that
a national sponsor trumps a local sponsor.

Aside from spending money for the rights to concession sales
a national beer sponsor spends big $$$ for television ads.

With only local [or regional?] customers Lakeport
just can't afford to advertise on national television.

I believe the TV network shares that TV ad money with the CFL and the Ticats.

Maybe somebody who knows how this works can clarify this for me?

Then again, maybe Bob knows a lousy beer when he sees one.

You just have to love a thread entitled, "Beer".

If he did the team wouldn't serve Bud.