Beer snake

I posted last night about fans creating a beer snake and being torn down by security. I have 2 questions . Why would security tear it down ? why would my earlier post on this be removed from the forum ?

I was more peeved that I sold my tickets and therefore missed laughing and cheering the streaker.

This is where TSN and other networks gots to get their acts together. Instead of letting the viewing audience in on the "festivities" by letting us see it on the tube they just briefly made mention of it. Doesn't help the network ratings very much I'd say. lol Maybe the less "exposure" the better in the minds of some? I don't cheer for the streaker, I cheer for the security guys who corner the idiot like a drowning rat not wasting anytime taking the clown down for the final count. Even the players sometimes get in on the act. A couple extra smacks or an "accidental" elbow in the face really spices things up. Gives the fans more to cheer about to see these morons hauled off to the hoosegow.

Why? The PNE is full of AIDS and fail. Those guys have no idea how to control a football game and really need to get a clue.

the PNE do not even know how to control there own PNE fair, they never have i remember at empire stadium in the mid 70,s when after every game there was fights every were, nothing done about. They better get there act together or people are going to stop coming.

I get the security at the PNE but why on the Lions forum would it be removed ?

go to the game, watch football

if you wanna make a beer snake, go to the park, or beach, or.....anyplace but a stadium during a football game.

you pay for the right to watch the game, you dont pay for the right to engage in activities that might bother other fans, outside of normal cheering.

OHHHH MAN!! its a football game not Lawn bowling! how dare the fans want to have some fun! if you dont like it stay home and watch the game on TV

fans are supposed to be having fun watching the football game, otherwise, why are they there

yeah like that was a really exciting game to watch. the sections that this was happening everybody was having fun . I'm all for not ruining someone elses experiance but in this case people were enjoying it, why would security break it up ? and why would my earlier post be removed ?

maybe you havent paid attention to what happened in wpg, with fans getting hurt andor beer spilled on them from flying cupps?

Then there is the people standing up to make this thing getting in the way of people still trying to watch the game

I saw your post and I've no idea why it was removed but I've got to agree with FBYB. When I first saw it [the snake] happening in Winnipeg I thought, " Oh, that looks funny. What a clever idea. The fans are really into it and just having fun.". Then I saw plastic beer containers being hurled towards the snake to be added on and saw how the snake was interfering with those who were not interested in participating but wanted to watch the game. As far as whether the game was exciting to watch, that would be up to the individual. I can't speak for them I don't think anyone else should. I for one wouldn't appreciate getting beer on me from containers being thrown about. Nor would I want to have some stupid plastic "snake" draped across me. There is fun and there is fun. I can understand why security decided to break it up.

You make the mistaken assumption that everybody who is there is a football fan. Many are there just to hang out with friends, girls there to meet guys, sales/business meetings, drink, do something before heading out to a club or bar.

thats their problem, they have no business interferring with those that are there for the game, all 60 minutes of it.

Well, better get security to block all non-football fans then. I'm sure that'll help attendance.

Retinal scans and full body searches I say!!! ROTFL

" can're obviously a football fan".
"'re outta here. You failed the retinal scan. Don't forget to take your walker with you!"
"Your good to go. Next!"

well hell, why even have a game. just throw a big party every week

sure that would increase attendance

We should stop everyone from doing the Wave cause when they stand up and raise their hands it's really distracting. If the PNE and Lions were so concerned about some drinking fans making a plastic snake then why would they increase the number of beer venders, do they honestly think quicker access to MORE BEER would make the crowd do less stupid things. People hate it when people run on to the playing field , but the majority of fans will stand and cheer for the guy . Same in Hockey people want to take fighting out of the game but the biggest cheers are when 2 guys go toe to toe . One of the stupid things we Humans do.

Can't do that, that may be fun. We sure don't want that!

Doing the wave is part of the cheering on your team antics just like making noise. It doesn't involve throwing beer cups all over the place and getting beer on other fans. It doesn't involve laying a 2000 cup chain across fans who are trying to concentrate on the game. The wave lasts all of a milli- second. Come on oilerrocker. That was just lame. With all due respect. You gotta come up with something better than that.