Beer Prices

I found this story on MSN Money.

It talks about the price of beer in MLB parks, the Roger's Centre comes in at number six.

It's been a couple years since I bought a beer at a Ticat game, the last time I did I remember it being almost $7.50 for a "tall boy". That would put Ivor Wynne prices in the upper echelon of ball parks across North America.

Was the beer the same price in Hamilton as in Toronto last year?
I'm assuming that the price is the same for an Argo game as it is for a Jay's game.
What does a beer cost at a Leaf game?

These inflated beer prices is not something the team should be proud of. As they encourage people to drink less they want to keep the same income stream so they gouge everyone.

Beer prices in general are much lower in the U.S.

Shouldn't Tiger-Cat beer prices be compared with Canadian sporting events?

Tailgating offers the best beer prices.

Beer prices are expensive at ball parks across North America, it’s all about profits going to the teams. The fans are willing to pay it. I think tall boys are around $10 now.

2 beers with a tip are right around $20, so 9 each-ish. The tip always grows the prettier the girl and the colder the beer :smiley:

I do believe beer prices at IWS last year were $8.25 or $8.75 for a Tall Boy. Can't remember exactly since I don't drink beer. All I know is it was plus $8 for a tall boy as there is no draft.

Beer pricing is always an interesting issue. Low enough to not seem outrageously gouging yet enough to discourage over indulgence.

Personally I think erring in the conservative side of pricing & dispensing is better long term. I think offending someone who puts booze ahead of the game/team ahead of those that put the game/team ahead of drinking is an obvious choice.


Isn't it funny that the provincial government will say that yes we have to pay LCBO and Beer store employees $28 an hour because they are acting on our behalf to check ID Yet at a football game you can buy a beer from a young guy selling beer in the aisles getting paid next to nothing who can't see you sitting 20 seats in and would never check ID. You just pass money down the aisle and he passes beer back.
I'm not complaining because I think beer is a great money maker for the team and I think that we should have less restrictions as long as people behave themselves. I would love to see the day soon, when we get with the "rest of the world" and allow booze in corner stores, grocery stores, gas stations etc

AMEN to this!!!! It is time to dismantle the LKGB and remove the booze nannies from the market. The citizens of Ontario are (for the most part) old enough, responsible enough, mature enough and savvy enough to make their own choices about alcohol. Just try to "import" a brand of booze that isn't on the LKGB list of "acceptable" brands (as through their control is the only legal way to do it) and see what centralist, over-assertive, control freaks they are. Oh yeah, if you do ask permission from the booze gods to get your favourite drink sent to your home, take out a small loan for the privilege and to pay the fees for the inconvenience you have caused them and for embarrassing them by thinking that you know what you want better than they know what you want.

Personally I don't much care if they overcharge for beer at football games. I expect them to, for lots of reasons.

Generally, I would have one beer at most at a game, more likely none. Later in the season I am much more likely to have a hot chocolate or a coffee.

I've seen people on here bragging about how they managed to sneak an entire case of 24 beers into the stadium. And I've seen people in the stadium who look and act pretty much like they drank the whole thing. They're a whole lot less impressive than they seem to think they are. I just hope they didn't drive to the game and plan on driving home afterwards.

As for the rules on sales of alcohol in Ontario, I don't mind the distribution system. I don't drink enough to feel I need a whole lot wider selection that I can get now. I do wish the taxes (and prices) were lower. That won't happen though, the government needs the revenue.

8) Prices vary around the league as far a baseball parks go. I know that at Tropicana Field in St. Pete. (where I attend
  several Rays games each year) there are numerous restaurants and bars in the stadium that offer deals on their beer.

  For example you can purchase a Large Bud or Bud Lite draft beer,   18 ounce for $8 or a small 13 ounce for $5.
  Not too bad a deal, if you are a beer drinker    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

ACC prices are the same for every event and they charge $15 for a large 16oz draft of domestic.
I find Ticat beer prices to be cheaper compared to Rogers Centre/Argo's games.

I think we should have a open debate about the Lcbo but there still needs to be laws it can't be a free for all.

But what open debate? the evidence is there that booze can be sold at corner stores, grocery stores etc. You would still have laws on age restriction and drunkeness.
The government should not be in the business of setting up their own stores and having a monopoly. Just go to any corner store in any US State, just go to any corner store in Britain or in France or any other country that you can think of. All of these countries allow booze to be sold by the private sector and the booze is cheaper in all of these countries than it is Ontario.
The LCBO should be in the business of giving licenses to the businesses. Can you imagine how much money they could make by collecting the yearly liquor/beer license to corner stores, grocery stores etc as well as the taxes?
The government also has to remove the minimum price law that has existed since prohiibition.
Let the private sector decide what the price of beer and liquor is going to be, not the government.

This is a good start!! :thup:

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This is a good read:


By open debate what i mean do we sell out 100% or just sell off parts of it or do we just allow grocery stores etc to carry beer etc.

I don't think anyone would disagree that some liquor control is necessary. Liquor licensing and age limits are good things. However, limits on who can sell, what products make the shelves, time of day for purchase and preference to certain suppliers is unfair to business owners and to the general public. In my opinion it is a restraint on trade. Profits for convenience stores if allowed to sell booze would be huge and probably save some small stores from closing or becoming a Mac's.

well... let me think at 16 u can DRIVE at 19 u can own a gun buy smokes beer or gamble hmmm i think payin $10 at a pro event is outta sorts