last time i went to the beer store carling beer was 24 for 24 or a buck a beer to break it down for us non math smart ppl so way should we pay almost 7 dollars at a ticat game and better yet bring in lakeport

Finally, a topic I really care about as I'm drinking my 3rd Lakeport Strong right now, and soon onto my 4th, then 5th... :twisted:

Yes, bring in Lakeport, yes, but please Lakeport, make an IPA with a nice bitter taste that is more bitter than Keith's please. Pretty please!! :smiley:

i prefer lakeport light but if the cats keep losing ill need strong ones lol

Dry martinis, on the rocks, with 3 olives and lemon scrapes.

Either Gray Goose or the Gin in the Blue Bottle.

ticatbill, I have a program along the lines of AA that should do the trick and convert you onto real beers. PM me and I can give you some particulars, costs etc. Just kidding, hey, I wish I liked freshee, sorry I mean light beers, but just never have been able to. :wink:

dont get me wrng earl ill drink pee in a bottle( well not exacty) but.....

they should sell steeler, the cans are team colours, it's almost as cheap.

Who'd want to pay $7 a bottle for Lakeport? Nothing against the stuff - it's just if I'm going to spend $7 on stadium beer, I don't want to feel extra ripped off knowing it's the cheapest stuff at the beer store.

Red Cap beer, excellent!

Geez....I remember the good old days of sneaking a mickey in and mixing it with a liter of orange juice. My brother taught me that....tuck the bottle down your crotch cause ain't NO security guard going to check you there. hahahahaha

"the good old days" - is that what we're calling 2008 now? :wink:

I mix my beer with spicy Presidents Choice Clam Juice now so I'm thinking if I brought clam juice into the stadium, I could get double the mileage out of a $7 beer.

question----why doesn't the alcohol content of beer ever rise commensurate with the price?

Yeah, just throwing this out there for you guys, but security never looks inside jackets, or sweaters. And they never pat you down or anything. Sometimes they're barely paying attention at all. I find they're only interested in lookign through bags and confiscating food thats being brought in.

Not that I would EVER sneak some booze inside my jacket. :wink:

Damn - you guys have it good.

At Molson Stadium in the MTL they charge $8.75 for a "pint" (that is, an American pint, i.e., 16 oz.).

However, it is very easy to smuggle in cans of Molson Hi-Dry (with a knock-your-head-off alcohol content of 8.5%).

I mix my beer with spicy Presidents Choice Clam Juice

deerhunter, you’re one sick puppy. :o :wink:

I have my girlfriend load up her big purse with can’s of beer then put a couple pad’s on top. Her bag is checked every time but a male security guard won’t dig in when he see’s the pad’s. :lol:

Big, what kind of pads are we talking about, seat pads? Just curious

yes, please bring in Lakeport. That way I have two brands of water to choose from. :thdn:

Didn't the team sign a new agreement last season with Molsons? That will pretty much limit the choice but not, alas, the price. Oh well, will have to go with a good friend, Capt Morgan eh.

i still say u gotta love the cold weather 2 yrs ago i piled a bunch of sweaters on and coats between 2 of us we smuggled in 24 cans of coors light that was a great football night in the hammer :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: