beer flowing into the 4th quarter

i sit in section 9 and there was a female beer vendor who was selling beer 3 minutes into the 4th quarter. it wasn't just one sale but she hawking her beer up and down the isle.

those who work with the cats, who are responsible for beer sales, better have a talk with their workers or someone may get into trouble.

so at the next game those fans who want to buy a cold one into the 4th, make your way to section 9. :wink:

You just witnessed one of the best football games you have ever seen and you are worried about someone selling beer a few minutes late. Geez I could'nt wait to get on here and see the good things and I read this. lol.
That was the best football game I have ever witnessed.

I also heard a few people complaining that it was too loud in the stadium. I can't believe that. What do people expect its been absolutely dead the last while for volume in the stadium and people complained that the noise was cranked up and too loud for them. they do realize it's a football game right? and the crowd should be pumped up.


People could learn to shut up when the offence is on the field. Williams was visibly tryign to quiet his hometown crowd to get his signals out. That's not ideal.

I think that the speakers are too loud, when you are sitting way up at the top and the speakers are cranked it IS to loud. But The Fans Cheering Loudly Is Awesome! Way Better than that "DEFENCE!" Recording