Beer at the game

If its not a can or a cup what would you like to drink your beer out of?

Maybe cuz you want a beer???

Thanks Stubbs.
At the game on fri. when I saw the cups I lauphed because I thought right away it was because of Stubbs and his sons.
Cans are far more convenient.

Thats it! If I must continue to drink out of a cup, I am not going to renew my season tickets! LOL LOL.

Cats finally win and people now complain about beer cups. LOL. I'm sorry but, there are some true losers out there.


We should start a “We want cans” chant next game. Maybe it’ll turn into a “Mardi Gras” type festival like they had in Ottawa a couple years back.

Its the curse of Maas for us to drink flat foamy plastic tasting beer. Serves us all right.

I think they should stop selling beer at games and stop allowing drunks into the stadium...

And Women!!! LOL


Hehe it took that to make you post??

But drunk women are welcome at any game.

LMAO!!! Nice one.

a given, but even in that, real cans beat plastic cups, no?

Hahaha So I've heard. :smiley:


as opposed to those "fake" cans?

I myself have no problem at all with fake cans!