Beer at the game

Did anyone notice that the beer was not sold in the cans, but was poured in cups. My poor sons were so disappointed because they couldn't collect the empties after the game like they did the previous game (despited being hassled by security). The only thing about pouring the beer into the cups is that it slows up the line. On behalf of my sons, bring back the beer-and-a-can so that they can return to their entrepreneurial ways.

Oh for crying out loud...

Do you really need to come on here and complain about this?

How about collecting beer cans in the public parks? Outside discotechs. Make out points. Beaches. Anywhere in Toronto. Your basement.

Or how about finding another source of income?

Great initiative by your sons, but, they only pick up a fraction of the cans after the game. The rest of the cans end up in the trash, not the recycling bin. With the team keeping all the cans, we can be assured that they are ALL recycled following the game.

Who were all the guys in Section 29 with the cans of brew? There MUST have been at least one can seller open.

Looks like the Cats found a way to solve your security guard issue… never will they harrass your sons again… WTG Dad… busting up a conglomorate like that!!

if you bought beer from the beer girls in the stands they came in cans

8) Do I assume correctly that you are blaming the TiCats for this now ????? What a total waste of space to even start a topic like this one !!!!!!

With a handle like 'STUBBS' I thought that this was going to be a thread suggesting that we start selling beer in bottles! :slight_smile:

Sorry to some of you younger guys. At least the old guys will get the reference.

i heard someone say that it was because some homeless people would break in to iws and steal their garbage.

no joke.

When I asked the young lady selling the juice of Gods under my section, I was informed that someone had started collecting the cans and there was a problem with this and the security and something or another and now, no more cans of beer.

Thanks for this.

So you're saying i didnt get my Cold-Certified Coors because of this????

We've reached a new All-Time low.

Oh if this is true that’s WEAK. I LOVED getting the beer in the actual can. It seemed to stay colder longer, and just felt right. I don’t blame the Tiger-Cats management either, they are just covering their you know whats. These days some kind of litigation could occur when a kid gets cut, infected or contracts a disease from handling something as unsanitary as an empty beer can. Well, not totally empty, your avergae can on the ground at Ivor Wynne is still going to contain a few drops composed of a mixture of beer and some assorted bodily fluids.

We asked also and were given the same explanation (can collectors) but I understood that someone had come (snuck) back into the stadium to do it.
Grabbing a few on the way out the door is one thing but to return, especially on a night when the team has 200 girl guides sleeping over is considerably past the common sense line.
The teams responsibility to ensure the safety of the girls has to come first, and as much as it $ucks it's still the right call.

We can drink from cups for the few games left.

I liked them in cans because they don't spill near as easily.

When you leap out of your seat to celebrate a sack or an INT, then the guy in front of you better hope you've got beer in a can...otherwise he's wearing about 1/4 of it.

And, if you're in the endzone, that usually gets you a stern warning or a smack in the chops!!

Due to the steady increase of break-ins into Ivor Wynne Stadium to collect cans over night, beers were poured into cups. Obviously, some used the potential of collecting the cans at IWS in a positive manner but the increased actions of vandalism and break-ins has forced the city to change the manner in which beer is served.

Pretty dumb crooks.
Let see, I am going to B.and E. at Ivor Wynne.
I am going to steal 300 or so beer cans from garbages and sort through and return them for $30 bucks.
Wow, sounds like a real winner of an idea ):

Yet ANOTHER EXAMPLE of the SMALL MINDED thinking around this City !!

If, indeed this is a CITY THING ... then WHY NOT do what is BEST for ALL the Citizenry ??

Just off the top of my head I can think of SEVERAL solutions better than this ...

The BEST one I can think of goes something like this ...

The Tiger Cat Organization makes it KNOWN in the COMMUNITY that they will ALLOW 10 People(*) to enter IWS after a Game and Collect the Proceeds from ALL the Cans they Collect ... the CITY has a Recycle Truck on SITE to IMMEDIATELY dispense of them.

(*)The people COULD be 10 Volunteers from a LOCAL CHARITY ... and the MONEY they earn from the Cans go to THEIR CAUSE.

This way - EVERYONE wins ... fans get their beer COLD, the City eliminates incentive for break-ins, less PLASTIC is put into the waste system ... and REAL PEOPLE in NEED get a little help to.


P.S There are a NUMBER of VIABLE OPTIONS where finding the PEOPLE is concerned. For example, the Tiger Cat Organization could also make it some kind of Promotion involving Children ... allow 20(or so) kids to VOLUNTEER for a "Tiger Cats Save the Earth" Project ... for their EFFORTS they get ALL or a portion of the Proceeds.

The POINT remains - there MUST BE a BETTER SOLUTION than this HAM FISTED reaction by the City and Tiger Cat Organization!!

Just to clarify the issue. Cans are collected and the returns are donated to charity. Also, it is much more effective to clean a stadium in the light of day instead of keeping the lights on for the neighbourhood late into the night.

Just to CLARIFY ... then Why is it I am drinking beer out of a Fr-Eakin PLASTIC Cup ??


I guess since the Cats won on Friday some people need to find other things to complain about...