beer at sports events

should be sold in 4 oz plastic shot cups for 3 bucks a shot, plus 2 bucks deposit on the cups.

Sounds like Canucks games? May as well make the tickets $400 a piece and parking $80. That'll keep the roudies out!

Seriously though, I think they should make the family huddle sections bigger and make it more appealing for young kids to go to games.

alouette games are $8 for crappy warm molson ex (possibly the worst mass produced beer ever) draft in a plastic cup which makes you drink it faster because if you let it sit for more than 10 minutes it takes like someone dropped their sock in it.

people are taking this once in every ten years kind of event at taylor field event way out of context. rider fans don't have reputation for this. relax.

alouette games are $8 for crappy warm molson ex (possibly the worst mass produced beer ever) draft in a plastic cup which makes you drink it faster because if you let it sit for more than 10 minutes it takes like someone dropped their sock in it.
and how sad is it that people are so willing, and even desperate, to pay that, rather than do without.

Honestly, I would have one, maybe two beers at a game and that's it. If you're going there to get drunk, then save yourself the money and just stay home. Or go to a bar.

you would?

you do??

At the last sporting event I went to, I only drank Pepsi, but that was partly becuse I'd gotten hammered the night before and was still a tad sore. But I would have only had one beer.

When I get drunk during a game, I'm usually at home or at a friend's house.


you be confussing me

first you use the expression "us kids"

Then you say you get drunk????

You realize that if everyone did this that there would be no CFL to speak of..Guys like yourself and footballyoubet assume that everyone in the world is like yourself...the problem is that if you removed all the fans who have more then one or two would be talking about 5-10 thousand fans per game...
Subtract those fans from the game and instead of haveing a league average of 29 K you have a league struggling to break 20K...
The hypocrasy in all of this is that people who critize people for drinking 9 times out of 10 are former alcholics themselves.... and because they can't have any fun then no one can.

You edited your post... :lol:

When I said "us kids," I was referring to when they took us to a game, like, 10-12 years ago, probably longer.

As a non drinker, it's quite interesting to see how people change over the course of an event. They start off reserved, composed and often, by the end, they're loud, boisterous and all inhibitions go out the window.

I could better enjoy a game without the drunks. By the fourth quarter, they don't even really pay attention to the game.

I don't understand paying $7.00 for warm beer....Blech!

But to each their own I guess.

Funny thing is, most people spill half of it before they get to their seats. Sippy cups anyone?

first of all, I have been drunk a very few times in my life, mostly in the army, but drinking has never really been my thing. Over the last 30+yrs I would say I averaged 12-24 beers a yr, and a few bottles of wine, and a half dozen mix drinks, mostly tom collins. Less during the last 15 yrs. So no, not a former alcholic at all.

Second, CFL is not worth keeping if it has to be suported by a bunch of ignorant loud mouth obnoxious drunks who cant go 3 hrs without a drink, and or think getting drunk and being an idiot is cool and the only way to live.

As much as I love to drink, I have to agree with FYB (about drunk fans, not drinking).

I enjoy having a few drinks at games. Not going to lie I have been drunk at games. Multiple times. I can't remember one time where I made a fool of myself though. Of course that is my opinion, but none of the people I have went to games have ever mentioned anything either.

Most times I dish out my 20 get my 4 tokens, get two at the start, and then another two at half.

Beer and football are almost synonymous for me.

big question is, would you cry if they stopped selling. Would you not go, or go less. I would like to think most would not.

I would be upset. I enjoy beer at football games. It would not stop me from going, but for me it would not be a s enjoyable, as I enjoy beer

you know this is really annoying to me. How a few people detract from other peoples enjoyment of anything.
get rid of peanuts because some random kid might possibly be sitting next to a peanut eater.
get rid of drinks because some random idiot might get drunk and act like a fool.
whats wrong with people being responsible for themself and punishing people who do the wrong thing
instead of making everyone pay..
are we a bunch of children in Canada... come on Big Brother...we dont have enough rules.
If I want to have a beer (more likely a or a peanut, why should that be taken away
because something bad "might" happen.
Put the drinks in plastic cups and lets move on.

you dont enjoy pop, or juice, or any other non alcoholic drinks???