Beer and Hot Dogs?

How come no one is complaining about the cold hot dogs and warm beer? Did those get fixed yet?

sure wish they had coke instead of pepsi. and the fries are pretty bad. i am staying positive about my sighting of the sunflower seed mascot walking around box A.

I don't know about that, but there were a few off-field things that need correcting.

  1. Jason Farr started to introduce the Alouettes, and they even had a cheesy version of the "Alouette" song on the loudspeakers, but the Als never came out of the locker room until after the Ticats video started.
    Was that their fault for coming out late, or is someone supposed to let them know when the intros are starting?

  2. Instead of doing his pre-game Oskee Wee Wee before the opening kickoff, the new Pigskin Pete did it after. Problem is, there's not enough time then, and the refs had to delay the Als' first play until Pete, Martin Short et al got off the field.

  3. The cheesy classic rock cover band in the north-east corner continued playing through the moment of silence for Jake Gaudar. From my seat I saw someone go over there and tell them to cut just in time for O Canada. Then they were still playing their halftime set midway through the 3rd quarter. If the refs had wanted to, they probably could have given the Ticats a penalty for "electronic noise assistance" or whatever it's called in that situation.

They sell us beer right in the can now at IWS, Jake - hard to complain while beaming with pride at being recognized as an adult.

martin short was on the field? they shoudl have shot him from a cannon. and why do people always think sports and crappy cover bands.

or fed him to the tiger. I hope the Cats didn't waste money bringing Short to the game. Since they're no longer comping tix, I hope he paid his way like everyone else.

Well that's some progress, or complaint management?

I'll boycott until they bring back con-TAIN-ers with the little cups for extra shots.

While we're at it ...

Why do the concession levels have to blare eighties rock music? If anything, tying into 900 CHML would be helpful to let people know when the second half is about to start. Listening to old Bon Jovi just brings back memories I'd sooner forget.

I remember it more as con-tain-ERS!

Firstly…I remember it more as “Mix!”

More importantly…I went down to my concession under Box J at the end of the first quarter. They had exactly ONE young lady serving at the concession. The line-up was about 15-20 deep. As I was about to get served, a second young lady opened and just as I was leaving…two young ladies came off of break to open up.

It’s a 4 hour shift. No breaks. Service should be paramount…especially at the end of quarters and at halftime.

[quote=“JerkFaceLoser”]3. The cheesy classic rock cover band in the north-east corner continued playing through the moment of silence for Jake Gaudar. /quote]

It wasn’t Helix, was it?

Hey man, the guys from Helix are fans of the Cats too. Here's the proof: