Been in California for 2 months... Updates please!

So what did I miss in the last 2 months?

I see that we've signed Sandro. Any word why Setta was cut? He was my favorite.

Arland Bruce is back, right?

Any other big news?

Why was Setta cut?

The stated reason...His performance.

The real reason...The Import/Non-import ratio.

and a semi-local kicker was available

who happens to have with the best field goal
completion % ever in the history of the CFL, 83%.

The real reason.
The Import/Non-import ratio.

And no apologies made should this be exactly the case.

I really hope that Setta ends up with another team in the CFL... as long as it's not the Argos. I love his play... but thankfully we signed a good replacement.

Here's the low down.
Corey Surrency I WR: unofficially signed
Amarri Jackson I WR: unofficially signed
Travis Moore: signs with BC as WR coach
Dennis Goldman: signs as WR coach in college US I know we unoffically signed someone to replace him, forgot his name though
Raymond Wladichuk N/I DB: signed from CIS
Scott Valberg N/I WR: signed from CIS
Matt Morencie N/I OL:signed from CIS
Nick Setta: released
Arland Bruce: Returning for 2010
Quinton Porter: Re-signed
Kevin Glenn: Re-signed
Otis Floyd: Re-Signed
Chris Thompson: traded to Edmonton for WR Maurice Mann
Jason Shivers DB: Signed in FA
Will Poole DB: Signed in FA
Sandro Deangelis PK: Signed in FA
Dan Goodspeed: released
Jason Jiminez OL: signed in FA
Prechae Rodriguez: traded to SSK for N/I WR Adam Nicolson, a 3rd round pick in 2011, and the right's to kick returner/WR Chris William's.
Markeith Knowlton: returning for 2010
Geoff Tisdale: returning for 2010
Bo Smith: signed with NY Jets.
Jean-Pierre Gilbert (hope I spelled that right) N/I DL: unofficially signed from CIS

I hear California is getting the internet next year. :twisted:

8) Good update.
  Cats also signed veteran CFL coach, Steve Buratto, as our new OL coach !!

Thanks, forgot that one :slight_smile:
and that new WR coach is TIm Kearse

I was there for business not pleasure.

You must have had a really tight schedule. :slight_smile:

Just in the silicon valley area.

Is that what they call Pamela Andersons' street??