Beef with Rick Zamperin

Which is an even better reason to listen to it

100% in agreeance

I think rick is doing well and improving. Perc Allen is a voice lots of us remember but as time goes by we forget that whenever an exciting play happened all we usually got was " oh, eh ahhhh, ehhha ohhh ae aaahhh ahhh ohhhh, ....I dont believe it... oh ahhhhhh"

hey...eatmeraw....I never said Zamp sounded like a high school what I wrote before you spout off. I mentioned that we, as listeners, never know who's out on the field when he's calling the game. All last year during the regular season it was the same. Maybe I was hopeful that Zamp would have improved on that part of his broadcast this year. I listened last night and he didn't, so I called him on it. okay. :cowboy: :cowboy:

Eh Buckwheat-So you dont have time for the site, you to busy playing with porky? lmao - WHATS YOUR TAKE ON THE TICATS IN 09?

It was I who said he sounded like a high school announcer.

Rick did respond in a professional manner and that's all good. I like Rick as a newscaster and reporter...I just don't like his calls of the games. No biggie.

At least he has the stones to come on here and respond to the criticism.


I thought you were make up a new word, deiz.

I looked it weren't.....'agreeance' is a word.

You are definitely smarter than a fifth grader, deiz.

You gave me a good idea, though.

Next time I can't spell a word I will make one up
so nobody can point out that I spelled it wrong.

That sounds like a perfectly cromulent idea.

I am referring to the use of left and right
in terms of across the width of the field.

Do me a favour, Rick, please sprinkle in the terms
'the boundary' and the 'field side' occassionally

or my old favourites, the 'short side' or the 'wide side''

IMO, the terms 'short side' or 'wide side'
or 'the boundary' or the 'field side'

give an absolutely clear picture.

They best describe the picture of what's going on
that you are privy to and we radio listeners aren't.

You can't please everyone I guess.

Too bad that one person further up the board
thinks I sound like a high school announcer. LOL.


Strictly speaking, using short/wide or boundary/field isn't completely unambiguous either, as you may not know which hash-mark the play started on.

The most practical example I can think of where this matters is when the quarterback rolls out, as the combination of direction of roll out (to the left side or right side of the formation) and the handedness of the quarterback make a big difference in forming a clear mental picture of the play.

In many situations short/wide is more meaningful, but not all the time. In some contexts, left/right can be more meaningful.