Beef with Rick Zamperin

When I'm listening to him call the Cat game on ML I go nuts because he never let's us know who is on the field. I went through this last year with him...I was hoping that he would have improved that part of his play by play. I've listened to a lot of play by play announcers but have never come across one who never lets the listeners know who's on the field. Perc Allen was always on top of everything and kept the listener's updated constantly. Maybe Rick could listen to some old Perc Allen tapes and learn. Remember, when we're at home, we are relying on the play by play announcer to bring the game to us.

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Perc did a great job of identifying the sets team used and who the men in motion were doing pre-snap. The mental picture one had as he called the game was a lot fuller. I think Rick has a lot of talent and I prefer him to Tim Micallef in the energy he brings to is task, particularly his chemistry with Coach Sal. Added attention to detail as to what is happening on the field is something that Rick should try to work into his M.O. more.

Oski Wee Wee,

and who the men in motion were and what they were doing pre-snap*

;) LOL

The unedited comment was a little Paul Hornung-esque. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

Not a fan of Rick's.

Sounds too a high school basketball announcer. He watches the game more as a fan than a professional broadcaster.

I only caught a bit of it while driving home from work.................what annoyed me was his constant references to a team "moving from right to left"......................Rick, it's on radio..................I don't care.

I e-mailed Rick about his use of the terms 'left' and 'right' last year

but in an East/West lateral context rather than North/South

i.e. On one first down Sal said our QB had thrown a pass
to the boundary or boundary side of the field.

I am up to speed on this term now so I can picture that.

That means the pass was thrown to the short side of the field.

On second down Rick informed us about a pass play
by saying that 'the ball was thrown to the right.

This fails to give us a precise picture of what happened.

Two possible pictures come to mind.

The ball was thrown to the 'short side' in tight quarters again.

or the ball was thrown to the wide open spaces on the 'field side.

I want to know which picture he is seeing,
that is, to which side the ball was thrown.


I am still trying to get used the terms 'boundary' and field side.

I would rather hear the 'boundary side' called the 'short side'

and the 'field side' called the wide side of the field.

but, at least, I can visualize what they mean.

I take Rick's other use of the terms left or right as an attempt at comedy.

like Eric Smith on TheFAN590 describing the Raptors
as 'moving from left to right on your radio.'

Ah, ron, but did you get a reply?

I agree about field~boundary vs. wide~short............................but I'm gradually getting used to it.

The one I am having more difficulty with is strong side vs. weak side. In the NFL that's easy...........strong side is the side the tight end is on, weak side is the side without the tight end. But in the CFL, where we basically don't have tight ends save for a formation we only see a few times a game, it doesn't make as much sense to me...............but maybe that's just me being obtuse.

The radio crew only listed the starting line-ups for the first quarter.

I would've liked to know the names of the supporting cast
when new quarterbacks came in at the start of each quarter?

Was there a whole new [second string] line-up? Who were they?

That would tell me which QB had the most veterans to work with.

Sal said the Offence often got a good push.

The Defence got 5 sacks.

I wanted to hear how both lines did and J.P. Bekasiuk.

Aside from the first unit, and top draft pick Rottier

I didn't even hear which newcomers hit the field.

Yes, but I want compliance. :smiley:

Apparently Rick hasn't internalized my suggestion.

I agree about field~boundary vs. wide~short.........
...................but I'm gradually getting used to it.

The one I am having more difficulty with is strong side vs. weak side.

In the NFL that's easy...........strong side

is the side the tight end is on,

weak side is the side without the tight end.

But in the CFL, where we basically don't have tight ends
save for a formation we only see a few times a game,

it doesn't make as much sense to me...............
but maybe that's just me being obtuse.

MadJack the weak side of the field is
called the 'short side.' [and I had to check.]

This label seems backwards to me

because that short side area is a lot smaller
than the area to the far side of the field

and appears to me to be easier to defend than
the immense amount of space on the wide side.

my beef with rick is his continued use of center line instead of center field or the 55 yard line and flag in the air istead of flag down or flag on the play. one game last year he said the score was after toronto scored a td ,toronto 6 love a tennis term.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback, I truly appreciate it. The difficulty is many other people have emailed me saying they like the "right to left" picture, etc. You can't please everyone I guess. Too bad that one person further up the board thinks I sound like a high school announcer. LOL.


Guys, guys, guys ...

It's pre-season for everyone.

Hang in there Rick.

Rick, hang around these boards for any length of time, and you'll quickly realize how true that is !!!!!!!!

I don’t know about anyone else, but last nite will be the only time this year that I will listen to the broadcast on the radio.

For home games, I will be in my seats.

For away games, I will be watching TSN.

I have never turned down the TV and turned up the radio. I understand that a lot of people do this and I can see where you can get mad.

The problem with the radio is that you have to describe the play. I don’t have a problem with him saying left to right because it does have an effect on what way the wind is blowing and it helps the listener visualize what’s really going on.

If you don’t like Rick you have other options (TSN)

Hey Rick Zamp....I read your reply...sounds like you don't take to critisism very well. That's fine but you'll never improve as a game announcer until you you're going to lose a lot of listeners. I mentioned that you never inform the listening audience as to who is lining up....offence or defence and when any substitutions are taking place. This is extremely frustrating to the listener. The football fan likes to know who the tackles are, who the guards are, who's at centre, who the wr's are, who the slot's are, who the rb's are, who's at qb....and likewise the defensive lineup. Maybe this isn't important to you but to the listener at home, he wants to know who's out on the field. :cowboy:

Funny, I thought he handled the criticism (that is how it is spelled, by the way) very professionally.

Rick, ignore these criticisms. You have good enthusiasm, and are a good football man. You and Farr are only getig targeted because too may posters on this forum have too much time on their hands.

Hey there “one on two”…I don’t have a lot of time on my hands to bitch on this site…I got a beef with Zamp’s broadcasting of the game’s. Do I have to run it by you. :cowboy:

Amen to that!

I think some people fail to realize that they aren't listening to the NFL on ESPN Radio or Westwood One's big dollar continentwide coverage. CHML is a regional AM station who broadcasts CFL football games, just to put things in to perspective.

Just like I do at my job, I try my best. And I am sure that is what Rick tries to do at his. I just don't have people watching me make maps all day and criticizing my work.

Honestly, the only sport that lends itself well to radio is baseball because it is so slow paced and the players are relatively static in their positions. So really, there is always going to be problems describing and visualizing the game on the radio.

I guess we are just going to have to deal with it.

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One would expect that a regular season game will be easier for Rick Zamperin to call the play-by-play than it is to call a pre-season game . Last night for example, the Bombers had a roster of 67 players, the Ticats had 56 players and the offence, defence and special teams units on both teams kept changed frequently throughout the game. When the regular season starts, each team has a roster of 42 players and the offence, defence and special teams stay intact except for one or two personnel changes in special situations or as injury replacements.

For televised games, it would be preferable to listen to the CHML radio broadcast and watch the TSN television presentation simultaneously but the radio play-by-play reaches the listener about five to seven seconds earlier than the television image reaches the viewer.