Bedell Article On Each CFL Team's QB Situation

Jack Bedell has posted an article on briefly assessing the quarterback situation of each of the CFL teams heading into the 2009 season. He ranks the Ticat quarterbacks at number five in the CFL.

He says we have the most depth but then ranks teh cats in teh bottom half. I think it should be at least 3 or 4 seeing as how porter should be graet this season with khari jones and kevin glenn helping him out and glenn is a more than qualified back up

Definitely, like it or not Porter is gunna be an all-star QB in the CFL, I really feel he's going to improve huge on what he did last year, which was great, with the help of Khari Jones and Kevin Glenn. Who knows, after the 09 season he could even be the next Anthony Calvillo. This guy has talent, let's put it to good use. He has poise in the pocket, a powerful arm, an accurate arm, he can take a hit, and he can scramble very well too.

I was mainly going on the number of yards I think the teams will rack up in '09. I absolutely believe you guys have the best young depth in the league, hands down. And you're right, Porter could light it up without surprising me one bit. I just have a gut feeling Burris, Ray, Calvillo, and the BC combo will post more yards this season, especially with Kenton Keith healthy and ready to go in your backfield.

That may be true but also remember porter will finally have some time to throw teh ball this year and also he can collapse the blitz with his feet. Calvilo burris and ray are all aging and if they go down there scrwed none of those teams has any qb depth. Porter goes down(knock on wood) glenn is a 2007 mop and can come in and help out

I think your rankings are pretty spot on. Obviously, things will change during and after the 2009 season but heading into the season I agree with where Hamilton is at. The teams above Hamilton have a proven Vet in control; Burris, Ray, Calvillo and its hard to put the Cats above BC especially with Porter having only a few games of experience.

Where Hamilton does separate itself is in potential and depth going forward. Glenn is only 29 I believe and I think most know Porter has exceptional potential. But for the 2009 season alone I think its fair to rank Hamilton at 5th heading into the season.

We should be ahead of BC. It's ridiculous the amount of times both Jackson and Bucko miss wide open receivers each game either by just not seeing them or because of wild throws.

Unless I completely missed the point here, when ranking a position, we have to evaluate acheivement first and foremost. Depth is good, but let's face it one of the reasons that the Ar...s couldn't buy a win from mid season on was that they could'nt decide on who they wanted to run their offense. By definition the Argos had depth up the wazoo, but in real life the Joseph/ Bishop Tandem was a disaster. Neither was able to take charge

I agree with a lot of Bedell’s handicapping but I think Joseph will have a comeback year. He’s only 1 year removed form his MVP season and the new HC has said he’ll utilize his talents more this year. Absolutely no depth though so if Joseph goes down, uh-oh. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Glenn start the season ahead of Porter. Porter has shown potential in a couple of games–that’s all. Nothing more than that. After those two, it get pretty thin at QB for the Cats.

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