bed wetter's inc. minus bryan randall

okay, so we know that Glenn's season is in jeopardy. . . it's an important change in fate. The truth be told, Dinwiddie is all but the guy now. However, Bryan Randall I think might be the real deal next to Dinwiddie. Next up, it's a lot of soul searching for this team. to agree ....something on the ofence needs to change radically...might as well start at qb...Someone who can actually run ten yards ...instead of standing there waiting to get pummelled into the turf..might give us a spark .. :wink: we play you guys next I am all for shoving Randall into the starting slot...

...I would also bench Roberts as he hasn't done anything for my fantasy pool yet...I suggest Berry take a large potatoe sack, hide in a downtown alley and trap the first person he can, perform Gitmo style Psy-ops on them all week, slam them into gear five minutes before game time and tell them to basically run for hteir life...what do you have to lose, really...

...all kidding aside...I confess I will worry about the upcoming team has a big time win against a tigercat team that left their dentures in the hotel...Huf will have a big job deflating some hot air balloon sized heads I guys are coming off a game in BC Place that could have been yours...I expect a very p.o.'d BB team come Thursday, in their own house, stinking to prove something, anything, and if my cowboys aren't careful they could get spanked quite easy...

Your a good man red.

Wouldn't mind catching a game with you and 05 next time I'm out your way.

...maybe RedW, is on to something....a total reversal of fortune is required to beat a very good stamps team....and i believe the Bombers have the horses..(some are limping) to pull it can be sure of one thing, Bombers are one pi$$ed off team...and they're eventually going to take it out someone... :roll:

This is the worst possible matchup for the Bummers. Calgary has the most potent passing attack in the CFL and the Bombers secondary are all card carrying members of Bedwetters Anonymous (BA).

The D-line's aggression will make them overpursue and Henry Burris will run them ragged like a matador before he gores the secondary to death. Unless the Bombers can score more than 40 points, it's going to be a long night in Bummerland.

I'm hoping for a quick and merciful death so that we can tar and feather Berry and bring in Khari Jones to lead the Bombers to the promised land. It worked for the Argos when they hired Gary Coleman. Why can't it work here?

Some of the best teams in football are bedwetters.

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The offense is triggering a whopping avg. of 1 td for every six quarters of play.

As bad as the Bomber secondary matches up against the Calgary receivers, the same could be said about Calgarys db's and the Bomber receivers. The only difference is the qb position, Calgary actually has one, two if you count DD.

Expect Charles Roberts to have a big game, whether or not it will be enough to win, depends on how the Bomber qb (?) manages the rest of the game.

Gavin Walls is quoted in the WFP as saying we're no better than Hamilton was at this point last season.

Dickenson is still on the Stomps active roster? Allow me to demonstrate what will happen if a team is foolish enough to put Dave Dickenson on the field without a nurse and a walker. - YouTube

Please, let DD retire with dignity.