Bed and Breakfast

Anyone have any good suggestions for a B&B near Ivor Wynne? Girlfriend and myself are planning to go to the Winnipeg game on Sept. 15 and want a place within walking distance. We prefer B&B’s but as long as it’s close that’s all we really want. Well, close and rooms rented by the day and not the hour. :lol:

Ivor Wynne is in the heart of the Hamilton downtown not in Whistler BC.

after a quick search (there's not many) it looks like this is the closest:

probably a 15 minute walk.

St.Clair Boulevard is a beautifull area,this will be a perfect B&B
Close enough to Ivor Wynn and big trees ,nice walk to the stadium.

Walk East a blk. on Delaware to Sherman ,north on Sherman (about 150 ft)to Maplewood ,East 6 blk's on Maplewood to Balsam ,north 4 blk's on Balsam across Main & King right down to the Stadium.

Check out the Fish &Chip place at Gage & Main.

Check out the Fish &Chip place at Gage & Main.
I "2nd" that endorsement....yum,yum! 8)

As someone who lives on St. Clair I can tell you that it looks lovely from the outside. It is a nice area here ... and the walk to the stadium is great. We do it every game.

Some good ideas. I took a look at the Heritage and it looks like a very nice spot. Will give them a call and check on availability. I'm always in the mood for a good feed of Fish and Chips...will definitely give that place a try. Thanks to those who supplied intelligent responses.

If you walk down Barton Street, I'm sure there are plenty of mattresses in the streets. Curl up for the night and don't let the bedbugs bite.

EXCLUDING Cunny's response I dont know why you would expect anything other than an intelligent response..

WTG Cunny.. nicely representing our city.. you make me so proud to be a Hamiltonian!!!