Become the Rider GM...

...lets say Durant fails miserably in Hamilton this week, hypothetical but possible.....I am the Calgary GM and have Ben Sankey sitting in my stable, expendable, reliable, virtually game-ready....You're the Rider GM...


Assuming Durant fails, Eric then has to make a decision. Does he think Durant and Jyles failed because of in-experience and the riders should ride it out. In which case the idea of repeating goes down the tubes.

However, if they both failed and there is no certianity about when Crandell will be okay, Eric maybe encouraged to make a move.

I would look at who is available, there is a possible trade for Bishop or Sankey or looking at Butler.

Butler is more of a Joseph type of quarterback and maybe a good pick up. I would go with Butler, and leave Calgary and Toronto alone

Definitely the Butler route if anything needs to be done. Why? Because a deal with Calgary or Toronto at this stage would require a huge ransom and the last thing I want to do is give either of those teams players that fill holes for players that aren't playing.

But, my bets are on Durant or Jyles being able to do the job. With our defense, all our QB needs to do for the next few weeks is manage the game and not turn the ball over.

How can the Riders make a serious run at the Cup and simultaneously develop 2 inexperienced QB's.....It's all about game management,WE need a journeyman backup QB who can take direction, and actually make correct reads,sorry but Jyles hasen't shown he can do any of the above yet......GO GREEN

...ok, what I see is the collective Rider GM mind is leaning towards cold commodities like Butler or Greene, rather than a IMO hotter commodity in Sankey...hope that works for phone line is always open...

So as the Calgary GM, what's your asking price for Sankey?

....Leron Mitchell, Anton McKenzie and a second round draft pick in '09...

Tristan Clovis, Mike McCullough and a 4th round pick!

Here's a starting point,wheat's 15$ per bushel's a closing point, barrel of oil $145....

...Dust, I think you and I need to have lunch, I like that counter offer...

In all reality I don't see Huf doing business with Tillman, unless both teams are desperate. Lunch sounds good right about now though.

The difference between Butler and Sankey is experience. Sankey hasn't got much more then either Jyles or Durant. While Butler actually has some starts and hasn't embrassed himself.

For the Butler it would depend if he was close to being in game shape.

Plus his name is Rocky and when he wins us a game we hear "eye of the tiger" on the radio for the next week straight ever 10 minutes.

This is boiling into a very interesting situation, and I would say it's ones everyone expected. Everyone knew Crandell can't play a full season, and that it would come down to this, but just not this soon.

The options are not good either. Durant is forced to step up and be the #1 guy, which is impossible. Sankey hasn't enough game time to be a #1 either. Butler, probably not in game shape, nor was exepcting to be, likely accepts retirement. Talk about Damon Allen is silly, he isn't in game shape either, nor familiar enough with our offence to temporarily fill a gap (all this aside the obvious reasons why Allen will never be in SK, or anywhere for that matter). Greene is not even a question, he's pretty much retired and back in University anyway (I assumed you were kidding anyhow).

Let's face it, we're in for a tough next couple of weeks.

A good Human Resources expert would temporarily step in if he can't find a suitable replacement, maybe Tillman can take the snaps? I suspect he's got some long days ahead of him anyway. :smiley:

What about Maas? Any chance Edmonton would consider? (I know it’s like shooting yourself in the toe). I know Michael Vick is still in the crowbar motel, but can we swing an early parole? What about Favre? :smiley:

Seriously, I think Maas would be a great prospect.

forget mass, forget sankey, why should e give up players to get quality that we can get from a certain free agent. I also highly doubt hes to out of shape, I suspect he doesn't play football in his backyard everyday but im quite confident he'd still be hitting the gym, why give up when your still under 30.

but can Butler be in game shape in 2 weeks or under? No, but I see your point because Crandell should only be out one or two games. Durant’s the man, but what happens when (not if) Crandell is out again. OK, (thinking out loud), Butler brcomes acquired, Jyles gets the boot? What’s the thoughts?

Wow, all we need is the spiky red hair and we got this all figured out!

ROFL at your last sentance. Well i accually like that logic, Crandell #1, Butler #2, Durant #3. Im sorry to say but Jyles has been around in the league almost as long as Butler, hes had SOME expierence before now. We'll give the fact its a new system but still, overthrows are his fault and not the system, therefor its easy to say Durant & Butler > Jyles. I'm sorry but i just dont think hes the future and if it comes down to having to get rid of someone, i think its him , even before Tate (who hasn't had a shot to screw up yet).

...sankey not #1?...those of you that think that seem to forget he kept the stamps viable during burris's injury last year....and he's been through TC this year and taking regular reps in practice....but if you want, like someone siad, a cold QB that is keeping up by throwing balls through the tire swing in his backyard thats fine by me, remember I'm the competition....

No way in hell we let McKenzie go. He has been one of the best guys on our defence this year and will only get better as he plays more. I also would be reluctant to trade Mitchell, young Canadian who could potentially start at safety for us in the future and is a force on Special Teams.

Give me another offer RedandWhite, I’m not too sure about this one :slight_smile: