Beckham and the MLS, disconnect big time

Just reading this article, I guess the MLS messed up on this one:

[url=,%20Galaxy%20and%20MLS:%20Wrong%20man,%20wrong%20place,%20wrong%20time&id=45448] ... e&id=45448[/url]

I will say good on the Galaxy fans for booing him, it shows they want the best team possible, not the most glamourous team possible and that is good for the Galaxy and probably the MLS in the long run.

Earl this was/is one of the worst pro signings ever.
If anything it has only hastened the extinction clock on this doomed league....tick,tick,tick....

I don't wish bad on the MLS as soccer fans in this country deserve all the best soccer available. I don't like Garber the goofball for his comments with Melnyk about the CFL, a league and sport neither of these people are even involved in but I do think the soccer fans deserve a good soccer league to cheer over here in North America. I'm sure they've learned their lesson from this Beckham fiasco.

USL all the way.