Beckham and Keane critical of Rogers Centre artificial turf

I'm wondering if this criticism lends to more support for the RC to have grass or if it's a non-issue as TFC plays their regular season games at BMO anyways?

David Beckham displeased with Rogers Centre turf

[i] The loud crowd and large stadium has all the makings of a big-game atmosphere.

The only thing missing is the natural grass, say two of soccer's biggest stars.

Both David Beckham and Robbie Keane griped about the artificial turf they'll play on Wednesday night when their Los Angeles Galaxy battle Toronto FC at Rogers Centre, in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League quarter-finals.

"It's not ideal, but it's the same for both teams," Beckham said. "Ideally you want to play on grass, but at the end of the day, this is the situation. And at least it's a touch warmer (than outdoors at BMO Field)."

Toronto FC opted to hold the game at Rogers Centre because of the problems winter weather could pose at BMO Field, the team's home stadium. The teams will play on the same artificial turf field used for Toronto Argonauts games, although the football hash marks have been removed and the field has been lined for soccer.

Keane was more critical in his assessment.

"I don't think we should be playing on a plastic pitch," said the Irish striker who joined the Galaxy last August. "I think these days, it should be grass pitches. I don't think it's good injury-wise, I think it can be dangerous. So it is a shame that we're playing on it.[/i]

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Cry babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agree, just say how much you enjoyed the large crowd atmosphere, good match etc. But that's soccer boys for you, complain about everything, or so it seems when it comes to turf anyways. :roll:

I would hate to play soccer on turf.

I played a few games of soccer in grade school, suffice to say I was looking forward to real tackle football in high school. I just don't get soccer other than it's a great introduction to real football for kids, it's a simple game and you kick the ball, and kick the ball, and keep kicking the ball... Kids game.

..that is just ignorant I'm afraid, soccer is a great team sport and enjoyable at any skill level...I'm sorry Earl, but your opinion of the 'essence' of soccer is just wrong

...I played both versions of football competitively into my late teens and loved both equally for their is not superior to the other IMO

True R&W, I am showing my bias here and honestly haven't played soccer enough to form an honest opinion. Agree, a year or two in grades 7 and 8 of playing soccer isn't much. I know for myself from the limited time I played soccer I just didn't like it compared with playing football which was for 5 years in high school. I fell in love with the game from that point on. Nothing beats contact in football for me, I loved it and love watching it.

...I enjoyed football more than soccer too Earl, there is something to be said for the camaraderie of impact, cheers!

I will add though that I do appreciate and respect the skill set of soccer players despite my indifference to the game.

When played at the highest level, being European for example, it is a treat to watch.
However if we are talking the local MLS, which I consider 5th type division, it is painfull to say the least and is unwatchable.

Soccer might be the only sport that I can say that I 100% dislike...boring...lots of diving....boring...boring. :lol:

However, I do like that soccer players and fans shun fake grass. I wish the CFL was more like soccer in that respect.

Soccer games are great for chaismatic fans, like one big singing in the shower affair. :wink: