Because Were Winnipeg

Watching this last game there are alot of things that really bugged me.

first one is the obvious in officating. there were alot of crappy blocking calls against the blue that are in plain view. one was an illegal hit on stoddard and the other was a clean hit called illegal and oosterhuise. the other would be the dropped pass by mitchell that clearly hit the ground. there were a few close ones after that but those were right in the open. which leads me to one thing said by my good buf "it happens because were winnipeg." it always seems the easiest calls are always against us.

this leads me into my next point about the announcers. How bias can this guys really be. you listen to them talk about the argos like they are king of the crop and they are not. you here them say something about TO like they are on their knees praying and then say something about WPG like they are slaves.

What a joke this entire league is becoming. the point that the cfl is getting to become a bush league is more apparent in every game i watch. I am a cfl fan that will defend my league and my team to the death and it truly hurts me to say such a thing but i guess there is only so much a fan can take.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

blame the officials for the bombers lack of offence.

if the bombers wanted it, they coulda had it, but they sucked and so fans blame officials.

It’s TO! What else do you expect from the announcers?

winnipeg is torontos slaves....u will see this again in the playoffs.

Yeah I blamed the officials for Winnipeg's 5 dropped passes.

I understand your anger footballmad but our offense was brutal due to the absence of Roberts,the inaccuracy of Glenn's passing,the dropped passes of the receivers and the fire of the Toronto secondary and defense. If we could of executed properly we would of clinched first today but we didn't so it's very likely if we want to get to the Cup we'll have to find a way to win in Toronto.

...we're not going to beat anybody with that kind of dismal offensive performance....and 'offensive' is the key word here...Bombers definitely missed Charlie..the defence however played pretty well for the most part..after missing key people....oh well...good teams find a way to win...but i think the offence played a little 'short' of good today...and at this point in the year...COULD ..spell trouble...with a capital T' :thdn:

So it is simple just take Roberts out of the game and you see the bombers crash.

what about reid's face mask thats woulda kept the drive going instead of kicking it away it would have put us in FG range, and the greg moss INT how was that overturned for pass interference. I also thought that PI wasn't called if it was uncatchable how many times did that happen.

We did not play good enough to win on offence are D played great. Flemming is just too slow in punting every punt probably should've been blocked.

My main concern to all this is why is it bias like you say ref seem not to call things both ways when certain teams are in action its really d|_|mb. It seems to me that montreal TO always seem to get the good calls all the time they just can't capitalize all the time against great teams like BC or Sask this year.

...welll...missing Tom Canada in the last half didn't help...and Doug Brown didn't play at all..2 very good players as well...BUT ...they'll be back next game...however i think the horse has left the barn.... :lol:

Very true papa! I don't think this team has enough time to correct it's faults. Yes our defense was okay but there were way too many passes completed in the secondary that shouldn't of been by Toronto. Could you see this Toronto team being led by a healthy Ricky Ray or Henry Burris?

they aint called the 'Bombers' for nothing..hehe

...could you see the Bombers being led by a Dave Dickenson....hmmmmm...the three top receivers in the league....if Davey could stay healthy it would be a slaughter...oh well.....only in dreamland i suppose... :wink:

the bombers lost that game all on there own, to blame the refs is rediculous, i bet toronto can say the exact ame kinds of things about there side to.

With or without Roberts, if the players don't catch the ball, it won't happen. Not sure he would have made much of a diff today.

Let us not lower ourselves like Rider fans and blame the officials. Bombers offence did not play well at all. And the 2 turnovers pretty much did them in. Dropped passes, and Kevin Glenn cannot deliver in pressure games. In the off season I would suggest the time has come to start searching for a seasoned quarterback.

wow seems alot of people mis read. i never said anything about our offence being the lamest thing on the field, i made point about how crappy the officating was during the game. i agree with the rest that our recivers stunk up the field worst then the TO smog.