Because we are the Freaking Calgary Stampeders.

Josh Bell
Tommie Campbell
Dan Federkeil
Roy Finch
Rob Cote
Shaquille Richardson
Kamar Jorden
Davaris Daniels
Reggie Bagelton
Marken Michel

This is a list of very significant players involuntarily lost from last year’s team. Either through retirement, injury, free agency or other. This would be a set back for any team, and the Calgary Stampeders are no exception. It meant not clinching by Thanksgiving as usual, instead having to wait for week 21. This was our worst regular season in 6 years, yet it was still better than any other team, including the Saskatchewan Roughriders who had their best regular season since………well ever!!!
You can all shout and scream, you can put your foot or fist through your rec room drywall, but this is reality. The Calgary Stampeders are still here and they aren’t going anywhere.

So… Still losing to this east in the Grey Cup?


I can't predict the future, but I can tell you Calgary has 15 1st places in the last 28 years. An has hosted playoff games 25 times since 1989.
Regardless of playoff outcome, you tell me you wouldn't be thrilled if you could have that the next 28 years!

in the big picture, I would be happy to be a stamps fan if I was a stamps fan. I would be worried though about how this yr ends. Wouldn't complain about it though because other teams got to win some as well.

This is probably the worst Calgary has looked heading to the post season in a number of years, I’m sure they’ll be some nerves with whoever they end up playing in the West final. That being said, they’ll probably win the Grey Cup just because they’ve looked terrible over the last month.

While I laughed at this post while I was reading it, I completely agree with it.

Excuses. Every team has had injuries.

Not every team finished first in the league.

You rode a first half of the season with minimal injuries and have been sliding ever since. It took a meaningless game with the opposition resting most of their starters to clinch.

Congrats but I would be worried going into the playoffs with both Saskatchewan and Winnipeg playing better ball at the moment.

First place means nothing if you cant finish.

If my team had choked as badly as the Calgary Stampeders have, in two-consecutive Grey Cups, I’d stay humble and realize that, lately, there’s a lot more to mock than there is to celebrate.

For your sake, I hope your regular season powerhouse proves they’re worthy of your inexplicably high confidence, given recent history in our current month.

Good luck.

In 69 and 70 the riders had better regular season records … and I think this is the 6th 12 win season.

Happy to see the stamps are already planning the parade route … karma always catches up to them

Ottawa - Winnipeg and Saskatchewan are all playing good and on any given day can beat the stamps.

The only guarantee is that the playoffs are shaping up to be great this year … if BC can dust off the last 2 games we have 6 teams who on any given day can win …

Karma is a tough critic when poked …

Stamps may have finished first but they won’t know until next weekend if they have a home playoff game. If it’s the Riders coming to town it will be a neutral site game at best for Stamps.

They looked terrible last night?

Who's making excuses? We are still the best team, no excuses required

While there will be a strong rider presence should the Riders be there, the Calgary base is larger and louder.
If you were there 2 weeks ago you'd know that.
It's very much a Calgary home game

First place means nothing, yet I get the feeling Sask would have been partying last night had they clinched.

We had a 25-0 lead at halftime, against BC's starters.

Yes our first half of season was better (although hardly injury free!) but the league made it perfectly clear that the games would counting on June 14th. Not at some point convenient for the riders!
Maybe if your egotistical coach/GM wasn't hell bent on converting a receiver to cornerback, things cold have been different. Oh well.
Reality is what reality is.
Reality is, the Calgary Stampeders continue to be the best team in the league, nearing 4 decades.

The receivers looked better last night. Huf has had a tough situation but it looks like hes found some decent scabs to take a shot at this thing. Really hope they make it because commonwealth would be an trip!

Who's plannimg the parade route?
I'm merely giving the result of the regular season.
Everyteam (including the riders) wanted that top spot. Once again, with much adversity lately, Calgary has it.

Grey Cups aren't handed out on the last day of the regular season.

Appearing in 3 of the last 4 Grey Cups and winning one of them = more to mock than to celebrate? I mean three other teams have won as many Cups in that time but none has done better. I'd take that for the Argos.

Now, if you want to talk about more to mock than to celebrate, I submit the Argos 2018 season for your consideration.