Beautiful BUNS

Hey has anyone seen that Subway commercial with those cheerleaders BUNS? WOW? Who says sex doesn't sell is wrong.

Instead of the Dalls cowboys cheerleaders why not use our good looking Canadian girls!

Good heaven's are you BLIND? The Dallas girls wear rather SHORT pants.....the girls in that commercial are wearing LONG pants.

Curious why we can't see their faces...........

Worse Commercial Since RanchRanchRanchRanchRanchRanchRanchRanchRanch. At Least They Attemted To Film It In A Candian Stadium, Commonwealth I Think, You Can Tell By The Goal Posts.

The Black girl in the middle… fantastic!! She has some great looking skin. Yeah thats right. She has some nice soft smooth looking skin.

horrible add imo !

Not the greatest add but sort of fun in a way. The wife saw it the other day, she thought it was cute.

It's pitiful that a commercial to promote Subway and the CFL uses NFL attire.
Typically Canadian crap.

Maybe they were trying to pick a uniform that wouldn't resemble a CFL to avoid looking bias. It could just be a coincidence.

yeah I don't see how that commerical is american.........when the one player is doing is TD more annoying then the real thing he's behind the goal post............which means its a canadian field................I assume they just made up a fake not to single out one team???????............which would have made some boozo's on this forum accuse Subway of being bias.............

I said it in a previous post, and I’ll reiterate it again here.

The commercial was NOT totally shot in Commonwealth. The techinque they used was blatantly obvious. They filmed the cheerleaders, players, ref, and mascot (a chicken? wtf?!?) footage in front of a blue screen and then mashed it together with stock footage of the field and stands from a game at Commonwealth.

.....bad commercial all around, imo.....

WAY too much footage of the guys bouncing around, and WAY TOO LITTLE footage of those cheerleaders bouncing around. That is why this comercial is bad. Everything else I can handle

it isn't amarican like many people have already said you can see commonwealth and a EE in the endzone and they chose nuetral team colours because if they would have used say stamps cherleaders al the esks fans would be complaining about why the stamps cherleaders were in it and not theres.

Have been to Texas stadium on a cool night!

Good call Mongo, I'm pretty sure thats what they did. And im sure that the commercial would have gotten more attention if it actually included CFL players, cheerleaders and hell even mascots.

I don 't like it....Have to agree that it looks too American. First thing I thought of was Dallas and Detroit. For the length of the commercial, they could have slipped in all 9 CFL city cheerleaders...uh oh, then there wouldn't have been enough time for the player / mascot shots.. oh well too bad, should have just gome with the cheerleader shots!

Have to agree about the smooth skin comment on the one cheerleader!