Beating ourselves

I've been a Blue fan since 1988 and have never waivered as a Blue Believer even under the horrible Rheinbold years.

However, in the last few Bomber losses I've seen something I haven't seen for beating ourselevs. The last game vs. TO was most indicayive of this trend.

It's one thing to have the other team kick you in the rear end but another for you to do it to yourself. Glenn and Michna never really "lost" a game for us..they tried to give us opportunities to win. Quinn has made some moves that "cost" us the game. I don't blame him for our woes, it is after all a team game. But, maybe this move was appropriate for the moment. One thing is clear: We can't win without Glenn or Stegall. Don't take my word for this, the stats and the standings tell the story.

GO BLUE!!!!!1