Beating Calgary and staying in the west

In my opinion, there is nother route for the Riders to take. We absolutely HAVE to beat Calgary by 28 points and send them east. Not only because BC is in a slump but we HAVE to get back to the west final and win the god damn thing. The rematch in Edmonton is essential, and I really hope the west final is in Edmonton this year because beating them there in the west final will conquer the most demons, beating BC in the semi final will suffice good enough.

Also, Calgary with Burris has been proven to handle Montreal pretty well and hopefully they beat the Argos as well. I have no problem with us crossing over and playing Toronto, but in all honesty I can't see anything other than us getting crushed in the east final vs Montreal.

Sask and Calgary for the Grey Cup!

I also can't see us beating Montreal unless we don't make any mistakes, but come on were 8-8, we are going to make mistakes. Edmonton and B.C. are very beatable right now, and we struggle in Toronto for some reason. Montreal right now is the team to beat, and I could see them in the Grey Cup, but the West is up for grabs for whoever wants it the most.

This game is even more important now that the winner will clinch a playoff spot. I’m looking for a very exciting and close game filled with urgency on both sides. Should be a classic.