Beating a Dead Horse

I still am in shock how the CFLPA had their pants pulled down.
After reading this it is shocking to learn that coaches earn double the salary of players now.
In fact as of 2018(when the CBA expires again) the players will be recieving the exact same salary they were recieving in 2007 when the SMS was first introduced!!!
Since 1990 inflation has averaged only about 2% but when you consider that players recieved 4.05 million in 2007 the inflation rate of 2% would put that at 5.11 million in 2018 dollars. The CFL cap in 2018 will be 5.2 million.
As a matter of fact, with increases of $50000 each year for the next 4 years (less then 1%) the players will be taking pay cuts each and every single year after this season.
The most shocking part of the link I have posted is how practice roster players are now making 40% less now then back in the early nineties… You know, back when future WWE/movie star Dwayne Johnson famously slept on a urine soaked matress during his time on the Stamps practice roster. As bad as Johnson had it, PR players have it even worse now…
When all of the PA executives are fired and Foley takes over, the opening stance of the PA should be not even to negotiate or even give the CFL the time of day until there is a level playing field and a coaches and management salary cap is implemented. As for the Saskatchewan Roughriders spending over 5 million dollars on administration(more then players) there is something else that can be capped. I would refuse to even look at any proposals the CFL has to offer until these other expensesa are capped.
It should be a real eye opener next year once word gets out the CFL GMs are making 7 figure salaries…

Who said life is fair ? Players sign their contract of their own free will. They can choose to take a different career choice if they don't like it.

An unfortuante supply and demand. there are way more football players to jobs in the CFL. Where as if you want to keep good coaches in the CFL you will need to pay them as you not only need to worry about losing them to the other pro football league but also the NCAA.
The players may not have had the right timing for this time around in the CBA but the better the product along with what is now the right promotion and exposure the CFL will be generating even more revenue in the next CBA and this is where a much more prepared CFLPA can not be caught way off guard with insufficient legal council and what has appeared to be a not very cost efficient spending of players Union dues.
Just my 2 cents.

So long as the players feel that they are getting an acceptable share of the revenues, they should not care what the league does with the rest of their money. That is not their business. And I could be wrong but I'm quite sure Scott Flory agrees with me here.

So long as we “feed the pigeons” they will never fly off and leave us alone.

Now if this happend and the locker rooms where still the same at Ivory Wynn stadium than the players could have a real concern but along with their pay they are now be treated to some very nice facilities to practice, workout, and spend their time in. It is not all always just that simple but ownership is upgrading everthing as far as facilities for the players use.
There are still somethings in some places that still need to be improved but it has been incredibaly changed and is continuing to change for the better.

Professional football players who need to consume 5000 calories a day of high quality food are to live on $2500/month. Chad Johnson somehow survives on McDonalds. I guess he is lucky to be in Canada now and has access to our medical system. When he has a massive heart attack he won't be out half a million dollars... The CFL should sign a sponsorship with McDonalds and give the PR players free McDonalds atleast.
Oh who am I kidding. The 25 bucks a day it would cost to do that would increase their salary by 30%

I know the lineman often talk about the best all u can eat buffet'sin each city so they know there way around their home and away cities where they get there monies worth. Not a perfect system but helpful.

I will never forget when I was in Saskatoon 3 years ago and went to Smiley's resturant... There were so many morbidly obese people that I was fearful that someone would try to eat my girl pal at the time... It was absolutely ridiculous... Those places really need to be banned. It is shameful that thesae types of establishments can prey on addicts and earn profits while taxpayers pay for the health problems. If there was a 200% tax like there is on cigarettes then maybe people would eat more responsibly

Thank you, thank you for this post! :lol:

Whatever, a fighter player, who can barely handle a puck but can use his fists to knock out a guy, can make a million in the NHL. Now that to me is much more of an eye opener. But that's just me. No offense Bungle but your post, while an enjoyable read, is whatever. But you said it, beating a dead horse, like goons in the NHL, dead horses all the way. :?

Ok, I left out a bit of detail that I ASSUMED would be understood, but obviously you don't understand.

So long as the players are receiving within a reasonable range of what they feel is fair be that in salary, pensions, working conditions and/or other perks or any combination therein, whatever the league does with the rest of it's revenue is the league's business and not the concern of the PA.

If the PA wants to control the rest of the spending (which they don't) then they should buy and ownership stake of the league.

oh gotcha.
Your right.
Now lets play football !!! I am very excited.

Amen, brother.

There is little reason why a player should sleep on a urine-soaked mattress. Many people face challenges in their life, but the player is at least a high-school grad and should have enough where-with-all to find a reasonably-clean mattress from a thrift store or Salvation Army. I heard there was one player in Regina sleeping on a mattress he found outside a hotel. For all we know maybe he likes it there?

If the players don't like the contract they're offered in the CFL, they're free to explore other employment opportunities. There are plenty of available players willing to play in the CFL. The $50,000 minimum salary for 5-months work (plus training camp and post-season bonuses, plus a daily travel per-diem, extended medicare and pension plan) higher than the average salary in Canada for a full-years work.

What??? cuts were just yesterday, so players where still being provided housing from training camp. The earliest the players would need to find housing would be today.

That of course is true...but if the players went on strike the CFL would cease to exist as we know it, the owners would have been looking at lost TV revenue and they would have caved. Instead the players caved, too bad.

Actually I believe the exact opposite happened. Rather than the players "caving" as some suggest, what they did was demonstrate excellent decision making skills as smart people know you can get higher in the long run if you have a ladder and take a step at a time rather than no ladder and try and jump as high as you can.

Again, hats off to the players to show they really know how to negotiate longer term for more gain. They have my total respect. Well, except those that can't quite figure out how to find a mattress as Xvys says at a thrift store or Salvation Army that is reasonably clean. I remember making $10,500 a year as a child care worker way back in Windsor and while I didn't live in the best part of town, I did find a basement bachelor apt. in a house that was provided with a reasonably clean mattress.

Scott Flory lied to the players about getting that ridiculous amount of money . If the union and players had a shred of common sense , they may have started with a lower number . The players first offer was so ridiculous , they lost all credibility and their lucky what they got in the end !

I would think that the blame, if that is the right word, comes from higher up CFLPA council. Without going into detail the council attempeted to place an NFL model into the CFL. It was like putting a round peg into a square hole. That/those people were the ones who installed in the players an unrealistic goal and in the end the council to the players made them look terrible with there lack of legal knowledge concerning labor laws.
To sum it up it created a huge mess making the players and the PA officiers who were the face look bad where they were actually getting some terrible advice.
Time to fire their council and put an ad in the want ads.
Labor Coucil needed. knowledge of sports labor and CFl required.
My 2 cents

NOW stop beating this dead horse and ready for opening weekend!!!