Beating a dead horse

There have been a lot of posts on this, but this is worth adding - Warren Moon himself says it shouldn't be called the Pro Football HOF if it's not going to allow Damon Allen in, and that it should be called the US Football HOF. I completely agree.

Although I may have found a loophole ... The rules say you have to have played in a high-level league in the United States. Well, Damon Allen did spend a year with the Memphis Mad Dogs ...

Yes good point CK. The NFL and their baloney should immediately change the name of the PFHOF.

The NFL are paranoid that if Damon Allen gets in their HOF, the CFL will be on more people's radars, on both sides of the border.

Think about it. Those who dispute the CFL's legitimacy as a professional league will have to re-think their stance of a CFLer is named into the HOF.

CHA-CHING!!!!! And that good people is what it's ALL about!! Nice job T.I.M.H.

It's not the NFL's hall of fame...

Name one person in it that didn't play in the NFL (And that includes the old AFL days)

Sorry To Rain On Your Parade But It's Not "A High Level League" It's A Reconized League In The United States. And The Only Two Reconized Leagues Are The nFL And The AFL. And Even With That Being Said There's Only One Player In The Conton Based Hall Of Fame That Never Played In The nFL And He Spent His Entire Career Playing In The AFL, Simply Because He Retired Before The Merge Took Place. I Couldn't Tell You What This Fellows Name Is Off Hand.

....I find it amazing that you capitalize every, except nFL.....

Who cares the nfl and damon allen both suck in book. GO AL'S GO

I like that idea, but I say NFL snice the AFL meaged with the NFL anyway, and so what if one guy from the AFL doesn't make it?

that is, if the Americans want to keep ALLEN OUT.

really a spot in the pfhof doesn't make allen anybetter does it. thats why i really have no opinion of this because no matter what he'll be remember as an old fart i mean a great QB